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August 19, 2010

Internet FAIL

Just as soon as we got the internet up and running, Allyson either a) moved out...b)changed the name of her internet and locked it...or c) has something wrong with her wireless thingy-ma-bob.  Which leads me to my next point- we are internet-less...again.  But this time I am caving, I just can't handle this instability :) I am calling Comcast on Monday and will hopefully set up a day for them to come hook us up! Oh happy day! Thank ya Jesus! Hall-a-lu-yer! So, until then, I will most likely be busy at work and Adam will be busy at school.  Fall semester started this week at UA and I am so busy at TL that I can't even catch my breath! 

Hopefully I will be back soon, with my OWN internet!

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  1. busy is so good though when you work on commission hehe congrats on the job girlie! Good luck to adam with school!

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