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August 13, 2010

.Thank you, Allyson.

Well boys and girls, we have internet again! Whoever "Allyson" is in our complex, thanks for the free internet! Whooo de whooo! 

Man, we have been busy! Wait, let me rephrase that.  I've been busy.  Adam has been enjoying his break from school while I have been working 9-5 everyday!  He starts the fall semester sometime soon, not exactly sure when.  I officially started my new job at Tera Lane and LOVE it there!  I am so busy with massage, and let me tell you, my lower back is completely done by the end of the day.  I literally come home and beg Adam to just dig his elbows into my lower back.  I definitely need to get a massage for myself!  But, I love all of the girls I work with, and the people I work for are awesome, I am so blessed to have gotten this job! I work with one of my really good friends, Mary Kate, and we are in the process of re-decorating our massage room (we have 3 rooms but MK and I share).  Our boss' are letting us get whatever we want so we are going all out! I can't wait! I am going to do "before and after" pics so maybe I will share when we get done! HOLLA!

I feel like our schedule is jammed pack from here on out until the wedding.  I think I have every type of doctors appointment that you could ever have.  My Dads insurance doesn't cover me when I'm married, but luckily starting in January his insurance will cover me until I am 26 even though I will be married. Thank ya Jesus! So I will have no insurance from October until then so I am trying to get everything taken care of!  Then Adam starts coaching with the Bama baseball team, I've got work, wedding showers, pre-marital counseling, my BFF's wedding festivities, bachelorette party...oh..and a wedding in 57 days.  If you happen to run into me during the time period, it would be best to start the conversation off with,"Hey Linds, here's a Xanax." I kid, I kid.

In other news, Adam has a golf tournament coming up in Huntsville and I'm giving a massage to a 5 time world champion wrestler.  Say whaaaaat? Yes, apparently little ol' me is giving a big ol' dude a massage next week.  I will let you know how that goes, should be interesting.  And considering I know nothing about wrestling, there's not really much to say except, I'll let you know how it goes :) I am looking forward to it!

This weekend is Page's bachelorette party, I wasn't able to go due to work , but I'm almost positive they're miserable without me there.  I hope they survive and don't die of boredom since I'm not there! Just kidding folks. I wish I could've gone but Mama's gotta bring home the bacon ;)

Ok, well I feel like this post is going nowhere. I'm tired, can't think straight.  I'll holler at you hood rats later, when I'm more conscious. 

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