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December 26, 2010

10 Weeks

How Far Along: 10 weeks

Total Weight Gained: I won't know until January 5th..but I would say none!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, although I did buy a pair of maternity jeans, but I can't get passed how "Mom-ish" they look so I refuse to put them on.

Sleep: It's great except for waking up every hour to pee.  Doesn't insurance reimburse pregnant women for the amount of toilet paper they use during pregnancy?

Best Moment of the Week: You mean there are supposed to be great things that happen weekly? HA! Well, I guess you could consider my "best moment" to be that I only complained a little bit, rather than 24/7. Oh oh OOHH! I did actually cook dinner for Adam one night..poor guy has been living off of Hungry Man frozen dinners.  If any of you see Adam out and about, please invite him over to your house for dinner one night :)

Food Cravings: Smoothies and ice cream

Food Aversions: Everything that's not smoothies and ice cream

Belly button/stretch marks: None yet!

Symptoms: Dizziness, hormonal, claustrophobic, laziness..who wants to hang out with this chick?? No one? But why???

Movement: Way too early for that!

Gender: For the sake of my marriage- please be a boy, we agree on many more boy things than we do girls.

What I miss: Um, well, to be honest..I really miss not being pregnant.  But more specifically, I guess it would have to be a double cheeseburger with mustard & ketchup only with a Diet Coke from McDonalds.

What I’m looking forward to: Doctor appt on the 5th!

Milestones:  Keeping all of my food down for the past two weeks! HOLLER!

I had planned on posting a weekly pictures of the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but up until my 10th week you couldn't tell a difference, my stomach was still pretty flat.  If there was any kind of bulge, I can assure you that it was a "food baby" that emerged from stuffing my face.  So, here we are at week 10 and this, boys and girls, is no food baby.  I took this crappy picture with my iPhone as soon as I woke up the other morning.  Hopefully I won't be taking all of the pictures of myself from now on, but Adam was still sleeping and I am going to go out on a limb and say he'd be pretty annoyed if I woke him up to take a picture of my stomach.  

Pregnancy is still going to be the death of me.  I mean, does anyone  actually enjoy the first trimester? Thankfully I have started to keep all of my food down feel better through out the day and don't have to high tail it to the bathroom every few minutes.  Can I get an Amen??  For a few weeks I self diagnosed myself as a "desperate bulimic pregnant woman" because I was making myself throw up to feel better.  But that eventually stopped.  It's sad when you choose what you are going to eat for breakfast by what is easiest to come up.  My personal choice- applesauce and Slim Fast.  Appetizing, I know.  Now, I just make a daily trip to Hardees and get a large Hash Round and ice water.  The girl who works the drive-thru finally caved and ended up asking me why I came every morning.  DUH, it's what the baby wants!  Lunch I can usually eat whatever (as long as it's not anything  with meat, just the thought of meat makes me want to dry heave), and for dinner- chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup. No dinner, just ice cream.  My baby is going to come out of the womb and immediately become a contestant for The Biggest Loser, but that's okay because I like that show.  

I go to the doctor on Jan. 5th.  I would have gone sooner but due to a funny story that's actually not so funny about me not having insurance until January 1st, it was postponed!  Speaking of insurance, do you think BCBS would cover my daily trip to Hardees?? They totally should, because spending $2.17 every day for the next few months is going to add up.  Something to think about.  

I should find out in a few weeks what this little thing is.  I've had a feeling the entire time that it's a boy.  Adam is praying it's a boy so it can "rough it" with us until he is done with school.  We pretty much have names picked out, and by "we" I mean "I".  Adam is hell-bent determined to name it one particular name that I refuse to name my child.  Thankfully we have a few more weeks until we find out what it is!

I know one thing's for sure...Baby P is spoiled! It got so many cute things for Christmas! My Dad got us the Pack-n-Play that we wanted, and it go a bunch of cute Alabama outfits, and a little lamb thingy-ma-jig that makes soothing sounds!  I can only imagine what next year is going to be like.  

Speaking of Christmas with a child next year (and many more after that, God willing)...Adam and I have decided that we don't want our kids to "believe" in Santa Clause.  I know it sounds so incredibly mean (& ridiculous because I LIVED for Santa...like, believed until I was embarrassingly old...but that's neither here nor there..).  We want our kids to know who Santa is, but that he is just a "fun, make believe" part of Christmas.  Our reason behind this is that we don't want our children to think that Santa is why we celebrate Christmas. We want them to know that we celebrate the birth of our Savior and that Christmas is more about giving and helping others.  So Adam and I have decided that before we open up any gifts on Christmas morning, we will go volunteer some where in town, or take presents to other families that need them.  Then we will come home and open up presents that the "make believe" Santa brought.  Call us the Grinch or whatever you want, but it's just what we've agreed to do :)  

I plan on posting a lot this week, we have a crap ton of pictures from Christmas.  Adam is driving down to Florida right now to spend some time with his family, I have to work on Wednesday so I wasn't able to go :(


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