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December 7, 2011

thankful for Toasty

Since Presley has been here, we have been so fortunate to have family around to help us take care of her. My Mom came over almost every day in the beginning and would sit with the babe while I went and took a 3 hour nap.  My Mimi came over on days that my Mom didn't and would keep her while I ran errands (walked around Target) or just needed a nap.  They were such lifesavers and I honestly don't know how people do it without family! But, during those times Adam was also so much help.  Whether it was helping clean the house, grocery shopping, cooking (Lord knows I didn't cook before the baby, much less when I was sleep deprived and a walking zombie!).  He never once complained about getting up to feed her even though he had class that day.  I got really lucky in the ol' ball & chain department! Granted, he does things totally different than I do, I am still very grateful that I have the extra helping hands :)

So, my advice to any expecting or preggo Mom would be to make sure you don't become too controlling over your new baby.  

There are times when I wonder what goes through Adams head when he's taking care of her, but instead of being all psycho and "you did it wrong!!!!!!" I just choose to be grateful that he is helping out at all.

If he doesn't hold her the right way while feeding her, who cares? 
She's not crying and she's still eating.

If he makes her bath temperature a little colder than I make it, she's still going to be just as clean.

If he puts her in super ugly clothes that don't match?! She is still clothed and isn't really trying to impress anyone!

On the nights when Adam has baby duty (which isn't much anymore since she sleeps through the night) he doesn't like to swaddle her.  She doesn't really sleep as long when she's not swaddled, but he's the one that will be up taking care of her.  Ain't no thang to this mama...I'm getting my beauty sleep!

While most of the time I am a pretty relaxed Mom, there are times when I do voice my opinion and say stuff like,"I promise if you do _________ she won't be so fussy!"

But I don't go all ape $#!* on him and cause an argument.

Some Moms think that it's just easier if they do all of the care taking for the baby.  But if the men don't ever have the chance to practice then they'll never learn.  I feel like my motherly instinct kicked in from the get go, but Adams instinct has come just by being very hands on.

So, Moms...don't be a psycho about your child! I've never heard of a child being in harm because they're wearing an outfit that they grew out of months ago but the Dad put it on them anyways!

Ok, that's my little tidbit for the day! 

I really really really really REALLY am going to start blogging more.  Presley is no longer boring and is a real human these days so I actually have things to blog about.

Y'all, she's on her way to sitting up by herself!


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