April 15, 2012

nine months


Today Presley Grace is 9 months old!

Where has the time gone, baby girl?

I know that a few months ago I joked about starting to plan her 1st birthday party, but now?

Shizz is gettin' real up in here!

I've got to decide on a theme, which I'm torn between two. One that I know I should do because she l-o-v-e-s the characters, and the other is one that I know will be different. I'm leaning towards the latter, which I've been gathering ideas for since Presley was about 45 seconds old! Thankfully, Pinterest is like crapping out ideas for me left and right. I'll do a separate post about all those shenanigans though!

Ok, so 9 months huh?


Ohyeahandalso, I'm giving up on my blog header. Pdizzles ultrasound picture might as well stay up there until her 1st birthday.

Weight: 21 pounds

Height: Not exactly sure, her appointment isn't for a few more weeks!

Clothing Size: We are pretty much exclusively in 12 month clothes. Still just depends on where it's from!

Diapers: Size 3

Feeding: Oh boy, sensitive subject here! So all of you who are going to give me the stink-eye and unwanted opinion, please just don't read this!

Presley is over the formula. If she's starving, she will tolerate it. She's only getting about 6-8 ounces a day and that's usually on a good day! I decided to start her on whole milk, and she loves it! I sometimes add a Carnation Instant Breakfast to it and she also likes that! She hasn't had any problems with it, so we will just stick to that for now!

She is also still eating the baby food I make for her, along with the regular table food here and there. I'm sure we could exclusively put her on table food but I enjoy making her food for now!

She loves any kind of crackers, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey sticks (gag), and macaroni and cheese.

Hair/Eyes: Lots and lots and lots and lots of hair coming the during the last few weeks! I can officially put a bow in without a headband!

Sleep: Slowly, but surely, we are getting back on schedule with the sleep. We are also trying to get her to stay up later. She used to go to bed at 7:00. Now we are giving her a short afternoon nap around 5:00 and she will stay up until 8:30 or 9:00.

That way, we can actually do things at night. Like, go to our small group, go out to eat.

That's basically all we do.

Which I now realize isn't much and we need more of a life :)

So she stays up later, and sleeps in a little later for the most part!

Go 'head girl, I ain't mad atcha!

Favorites: Mickey Mouse and Barney
She has become a little attached to her paci
splashing in the tub
grocery shopping

Fun Stuff: Her top teeth are starting to come in! That'll be a total of 4!

She's crawling everywhere.


She says Mama, Papa, bye-bye..all the time, on command

She waves when she says bye bye

Smacks her lips and gives kisses!

So there ya have it, 9 months in the books!

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