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April 24, 2013

remember when?

I am going through some some older albums on our iPhoto and ran across some oldies...but goodies.  I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane with you today!


...when I was a street walker in the Dominican Republic When we lived in the middle-of-the-ghetto in the Dominican Republic? That was a fun adventure...but we'd never go back!

...when I could pull off wearing a shirt/tunic as a dress? Hoochie Mama!(and yes, I do realize how horrible centered this photo was taken)

 ...when I was a bleach blonde babe? Stop drop and roll, y'all.  

...when I peed my pants? Sike, Adam poured water down my pants, but it's way-mo-funner to pretend that I peed my pants as an adult.

...when I was 349857439857 months pregnant? Woof.

...when I actually became Super Mom? Motherhood makes you do weird things.

...when Presley continuously made the worlds ugliest faces in a 30 second span? And I documented it.  ZING!

 ...when PDizzle became the nations chubbiest and cutest surfer? OH MY LANTA...my ovaries just exploded.

 ...when I went on the most amaze-balls trip to Dallas for Blissdom and NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT IT!  You can always count on me to be the #1 slacker.  Ya welcome!


  1. WAIT. What the heck. Are you seriously flying across the room in that picture?!?! Also I am dying at the chubby surfer. Gah. So cute.

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  2. super fun looking at all your old photos - love your hair now :)

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  3. I love that picture of P as a surfer girl. It's one for a frame if you ask me.

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  4. I'm still waiting for the Blissdom update!!!!

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  5. All of these are hilarious! I love the funny faces of P! I gotta say I love the blonde!!

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  6. LOL, that pic with you flying across the room is amazing! Never did a Bliss recap myself, honestly, it was mostly a blur with the baby. Your excuse can be that you got lured into the five-year-old tae kwon do sparring and missed the whole second day. ;)

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