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June 19, 2013

Pdizzle's future room!

ETA: I forgot to post the links to everything on the board but have now added it!

Last week I got a wild hair to move Presley out of her crib.  No reason at all except I just felt it was time!  My Mom has always told me to keep her in her crib as long as we can.  Sounds smart, right? I mean, I could just toss her in there and not worry about her getting up and wondering around in the middle of the night.  Plus, her crib was pretty comfy since we put a super soft egg crate in there.  

But, lately we've been ordered (by Lt. Presley) to lay down with her at bed time.  And while I do fit in her crib, it was getting a little cramped with both of us in there.

I sort of just went balls to the wall with it and got the twin sized mattress and box springs out of the storage, put it on the floor, threw her sheets on and told her to go to sleep!

**sidenote: I decided to gradually go with this.  I started out with just the mattress on the floor then a few days later added the box springs.  Next will be the rest of the bed.**

I didn't have time to go buy a bed rail, so I just rolled up two blankets and placed them under her fitted sheets on each side.  They acted as little bumpers and worked perfectly! I have since then put a rail on the side that's not against the wall.

The first night she fell asleep right away and slept like a log. In fact, I had to wake her up at 8:30 the next morning.  I, on the other hand, didn't sleep a wink because I was glued to the video monitor (WTH did we do before those?)

It's been a week and I think we are ready to bring up the bed rails, head board and foot board.  It is currently in my Dads storage unit and I would like to paint it.

The only thing that's really holding me back from re-doing her room is that our lease ends exactly 2 months.  So, do I go through all of the trouble of searching around for the stuff, set it up and then just take it all back out a few weeks later?

Or do I hold off and start fresh at our next place?

Where we live right now has horrible mustard colored walls which ruin everything.  I'm leaning towards waiting until we move.

For now, here is what I have been envisioning.  It's a pretty crappy board I put together but, you get the picture :)

And obviously, it won't be these exact items.  I am planning on scouring Craigslist for most of it and painting things myself!
bed HERE
night stand HERE
dresser HERE
lamp HERE
pillow HERE
wall art HERE
fan HERE
mirror HERE
chair HERE
sheets HERE
quilt HERE
rug HERE

I mean, I plan on there being more art work on the walls, a little reading nook, a book shelf and if we are being honest, a ton of crap strewn all over the floor (true life: Presley pulls everything out of the drawers.)

That's it!

I'm still trying to get over how unemotional Presley was when I was taking apart her crib.  RUDE!



  1. Holy crap I love that pink Jenny Lind bed...where is it from?!?!

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    1. I just added the links to everything, can't believe I forgot to do that! I think it's from Land of Nod. I'm planning on trying to find something similar off Craigslist or something as this bed is a tad bit out of my price range :)

  2. Yes, please share where that bed is from!

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    1. Jenny Lind- Land of Nod! Very expensive!

  3. Good to know bed rails work without a bed frame! We have the same mattress set up in our spare room (soon to be big boy room) and have slowly been introducing my 15 month old to the new room. It's early but the next baby will be here in November so we want to have him adjusted before then.
    I love your inspiration board I should make one!

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    1. We tried switching her around 19 or 20 months and she probably would have done fine, but I was super selfish and wanted to wait until all of my nightly shows were over. HA! I loved that I could put her in the bed at 7:45 then watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal :)

  4. Definitely wait until you move, gives you more time to search for all the right d├ęcor! Good luck with the move :)


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    1. That's what I am thinking! It would just be more junk we'd have to haul down 2 flights of stairs!

  5. I love your idea for her new room! We tried transitioning Ethan a while back and then caved and put the crib back. I figure for his birthday he is getting a new room.

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