June 24, 2013

iMac = FRIED!

Thursday night we had a pretty random storm come through.  Adam was out of town and Presley was snoozing when I heard the rain, so I opened up our sliding glass door to check out the weather shenanigans.  Right when I opened the door to go outside...


Lightening struck our building....


Our power went out and the smoke detectors were going ape shit.  I started running around trying to get them to stop before it woke up the Drama Baby but wasn't having any luck.  After about 5 minutes of me flipping the breakers they went off and Presley was still snoozing.

Fast forward to the next morning.  

Adam goes to turn on our computer...and...nothing happened.

We switched outlets.  Still...nothing.

Lightening fried our computer, most likely.

It's at the Apple Genius Bar and they will let us know if it can be repaired.  I just want our pictures off, if that's the least they can do :)

Cross your fingers, toes, legs, arms and say your prayers that this is just a minor issue that can be repaired!


  1. I'll give you some hope, my hard drive got fried and was able able to get 90% of everything off. Cost a pretty penny but worth it to have my million and one images back.

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  2. Oh man, that sucks! Fingers crossed the pictures can be saved!

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  3. Hi lindsay, myself poonam frm India. I like ur Blog, it helped me alot when i read ur post regarding motherhood. ur daughter is so cute. God bless her.

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