July 21, 2013

Presley Grace- 24 months.

On July 15th our chick turned two years old.  How that happened, I'm not sure.  We are having her party in Tuscaloosa on the 27th and we can't wait to celebrate with friends and family!

Here is what she's been up to!

We (finally) took her to a pediatrician (another story, for another day) and we *think* she weighs 28 pounds.  I say *think* because it's kind of hard to get an accurate number on a scale when the child is flailing around and screaming like she's being  possessed by demons.  Not even kidding, people were poking their head out of their rooms to see the Drama Baby do her thang.  And you can forget about getting her height.  Ain't happenin'.

Clothing Size:
Mostly 24 months.  Some dresses are 18 months and so are a few shorts.  Baby clothing sizes are whack.  She has finally outgrown all of her size 5 shoes!  She is now in a size 6, so we are definitely in dire need for new shoes!

It varies by brand.  Huggies Pure & Natural diapers only go to a size 5, which stinks because I love those!  I think she wears a size 6 in Luvs.  Potty training isn't even remotely in our near future, so I'm not getting my hopes up :)

Ugh.  Food.  Kill me now.

We are in the process of determining if Presley has a milk allergy.  I recently wrote a little about her current diet, but even since then things have changed.  When P was younger she was lactose intolerant.  We just assumed that she had grown out of it so when we were always changing her diet to determine what was causing the horrible rashes on her skin, we never once cut out dairy.  After talking to a few people we decided to cut out all dairy and so far, her skin looks much better.  We will do this for a month and then go from there.  But, DUDE! Do you know that dairy is in almost every single thing we eat? Things you wouldn't even think had dairy in the ingredients, has dairy.  Thankfully, we live right down the road from Earth Fare and they have tons of options.  We also have an at home allergy test coming, so I am very anxious for that!

PDizz had her first hair cut a few weeks back.  I had to get rid of the baby mullet she had going on.  Her hair was so uneven, so we basically just got a trim to fix that.  I thought that cutting it would help calm the curls, but it didn't.  Her eyes haven't changed, they're still green!

We kissed the baby crib "bye bye" about a month ago.  The transition was so easy for us.  She never once tried to get out and when she wakes up in the morning she just sits on her bed until I go in to get her! We have been really lucky in the sleep department with this girl.  She now goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up around 7:00.

Fun Stuff:
Singing is still her favorite.  I go to bed singing Barney songs and the Little Einsteins theme song.  Homegirl knows most dances to the Barney songs and you would die if you saw it.  So cute.

She can identify and say all letters of the alphabet.  She can (almost) count to ten without help.  We are still working on numbers, though.  

She talks to everyone in the grocery store.  Everyone we walk by she waves to and says,"bbyyee!"  If we are at a red light, she's waving to the person pulled up next to us.  

She covers her mouth with her hand and giggles.  It's pretty hilarious!

Loves, LOVES baby dolls.  She pushes them around in a stroller, swaddles them, puts them in her high chair and feeds them her food.  It's adorable!

She is definitely attached to me.  I know it's just a stage so I try to soak it up, but sometimes I just need a break (ya know, to pee alone!)  We snuggle on the couch every morning and that's my favorite. 

We just got back from vacationing in Michigan and Presley was such an awesome traveller.  On the way up there we broke the trip up and stopped half way.  She was great in the car and in the hotel.  On the way back we did the 14 hours straight and couldn't have asked for a better travel buddy! 

There is so SO much more.  I can't believe that we have a TWO year old.  Gah, it flies by.  I'm not going to lie, though- this stage is hard.  Really hard.  The attitude, tantrums, wanna-be independence, the determination, the time outs, the spankings and the frustration.  It's just really hard.  But it's also really amazing.  I love her hugs, and the kisses I get when she's apologizing after getting in trouble, the excitement, the laughter, the personality and achievements.  It's so much fun to watch her grow and learn. (OMG, see what you made me do...I'm tearing up!)  If I could have 10 more baby girls like her I'd be the happiest (and craziest) Mother alive.  We love her to pieces and gush about her any time she isn't with us.  It's ridiculous.  


  1. she is so sweet...happy late birthday!!!

    Breanna is the EXACT same way when it comes to getting height and weight

    I agree...TWO is hard but oh so great age

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  2. She is so stinkin' cute!

    I never realized until recently that all brands of diapers have different sizes! Ethan is 33 pounds and in size 5 7th Generation, but when a much smaller friend needed to borrow a diaper, it was too big -- and he wore a size 6 in his brand, which is why I was all confused! They make kids stuff so confusing.

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  3. Happy Birthday darling!! What a cutie patootie - my little man turned 2 on 7/1 so they are very close in age!

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