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January 2, 2014

Pregnancy Details--Baby #2!

First off, thank you for all of the sweet comments/tweets congratulating us on the new babe! We are very excited about all of the fun things to come! Well, most of us are excited.

There's always the Drama Baby.

At first, she did not want me to have a baby.  And I know, she is so young still she probably has no clue what that even means.  But, every time we asked her, "Presley, do you want Mama to have a baby?" Her response was, "Nope."

That was encouraging!

Then, she would reply that she did want a baby, but specifically a baby brother.   That was always her response--never once said she wanted a sister.  So, no pressure or anything unborn embryo/fetus/gorillababy...but, ya kinda need to be a boy!

The first 12 or so weeks were just a complete joy.  I spent my days throwing up non-stop.  Never cooking dinner.  Throwing toys around for Presley to play with so I didn't have to move off of the couch.  Sending her out back to graze on the grass for snacks (just praying it had recently rained so there would at least be a water puddle for her to get some fluids out of.)  

You know, survival mode.

Really though, dinner never got cooked and Presley finally learned how to go to the refrigerator an get her own snacks and water.  I'd look over on the couch and she'd have a big bowl of grapes and a big package of ham from the deli...just chowing down!

I eventually did get a prescription of Zofran and that has basically been my little happy pill.  Meals still don't always get prepared, but we are all eating a little better! Yipee!

I went to a midwife appointment a few weeks ago, but wasn't too impressed with the staff or the office.  It was a basic appointment, pretty boring.  Just a lot of family history questions and blood work.  They didn't even listen for a heart beat or do an ultrasound.  I did have an ultrasound a few weeks later and saw ONE cute little butterball kicking around in there!

I have an appointment with a new doctor and midwife on the 15th of this month and I hope I get a good feeling from them.  It's at the brand new hospital that is actually right down the road from where we live.  I can literally see the hospital from our road.  After that appointment I will have more details on how much weight I've gained, and I am actually hoping they do an ultrasound since it will be my first appointment with them.  I'm hoping they want to do one just to see for themselves how things are going.  I will be almost 17 weeks at that appointment, so if they do an ultrasound they should be able to tell the sex of the baby!

Honestly, this time around, I don't have a preference of a girl or boy.  With my first pregnancy I SO badly (secretly) wanted a girl.  Like, so incredibly bad.  And now that I have a girl, I think it would be so fun for Presley to have a sister! Then again, having a boy would be such a fun new experience.  Plus, if it's a boy we can be done in the kiddo department.

So really it's a win-win!

Okay, enough blabbing for now :)

I will post my first "bump" post on Wednesday of next week!


  1. So sorry you're sick! I hate morning sickness. I had it very badly with both of my boys and it was super hard. But YAY you're pregnant!!! Also, hope you like the midwife/doctor you see in a couple of weeks... will be a nice weight off your shoulders! And lastly... I kinda hope you're having a boy... I might be a little bias, but they are so fun ;)

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    1. If it is a boy, you can bet I will be coming to you for boy advice! Especially when it comes to boy clothes :)

  2. OMG Yay! I stepped away for a few weeks from blogging and come bag to lots of exciting news from some of my favorite bloggers! Congrats to you and your family!

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  3. Hi there...new follower. Congrats on baby #2. I just had my #2 a little over 4 months ago. My daughter is 2 now so she really didn't get the whole baby thing. After her brother was born, it took about two weeks for her to even acknowledge him but now she loves him! Good luck! Ps. Boys are awesome too!

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