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January 29, 2014

18 weeks & it's a....

Welcome to the suck-fest that is apparently this blog! I really thought I'd be on top of my game when it came to the weekly pregnancy updates, but I really don't even know who I am anymore :)

I won't bore you with excuses (read: I can't kick this sinus crap and a certain nameless someone has been a demanding little diva lately--her name rhymes with Schmresley, though.)

So, here is where we are at with this new little babe!

First off, it's a

Presley is being promoted to Queen Bee--we are adding another Princess to our clan and we are SO excited!  I really had no preference, but with another girl coming along we won't have to buy much stuff for her! Hand-me-downs are the best--HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!

Now, for how we are doing and growing...

How far along:
18 weeks!

Size of baby:
About 5 1/2 inches long (or the size of a bell pepper)

Total weight gain:
I am up 5 pound total so far!

Maternity clothes:
Psshhhh, heck yes! I never want to remember life before maternity jeans.  Ever.  I am actually pretty pumped to hit up the maternity section at H&M when we go home in a few weeks! Also, my sister-in-law just had her baby so I also plan on bringing home what she give me (they just had they're 5th child--she won't be needed any more maternity clothes...ever!)

Girl! Yay! We haven't really discussed a ton of names, mainly because we don't like any girl names.  But, I think we may have agreed on a first name--it's just not set in stone yet :)  You know, I will let you know when we do decide!

Not a lot yet! I will sometimes feel a few flutters if I am lying down, but nothing too intense yet!

I usually wake up around midnight to use the bathroom and then will wake up again around 5 or 6.  Most of the time I usually just stay up and get ready for work, because going back to sleep for 45min-an hour will just make me more sleepy!  I'm not tired throughout the day though.  I do go to bed pretty early :)

What I miss:
Still missing my appetite.  And if we're being honest, I could use a cold brewski some night (HELLO TERRIBLE TWO'S!) Other than that, we're good!

I have more aversions than I do cravings.  Raw meat just about does me in most nights.  I've really been loving smoothies, fruit, cereal and any type or form of potatoes!  And, OH LORD JESUS, I can not get enough ice water.  Preferably ice water from Sonic or Chik-Fil-A because everything tastes better from a styrofoam cup.  Am I right, or am I right?

Not too many things to complain about during the past few weeks.  Although, I did get a sinus infection that I just can't seem to kick.  I also get the occasional visit from the Heartburn Fairy... little bitch.

Best moment this week:
Obviously, seeing our babe on the ultrasound and finding out she is a girl!  I wish I worked somewhere where there was an ultrasound tech.  I'd for sure take a peek everyday if they'd let me :)

That's is for this week! I will try my best to do this weekly, but as you all know--don't hold your breath!

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease...

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  1. You look so cute!! Congrats!! I totally feel you- I haven't written on my blog in weeks- total suckfest over here!

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