October 6, 2014

Sadie Belle- 3 Months

Not long ago, sweet Sadie turned 3 months old! I'm not going to lie, most days if you ask me how many weeks old she is I have no clue.  With Presley I could basically tell you how many hours, minutes and seconds old she was--but round 2 doesn't leave much time for anything along those lines!  

At 3 months old:

These are always a guess-timation for me, but I'd say she's put on a pound or two.  So, maybe around 13 pounds?! We really should invest in a scale!

Clothing Size:
Sleepers she is now in 3-6 months (some 6-9), onesies she is in 3-6 months, and pants are also 3-6 months.  

She takes anywhere from 5-7 ounces most times.  At night I try to stuff her tummy so she will sleep--and that works most times!  I did have to stop breastfeeding last month because I just couldn't figure out how to not get Mastitis constantly.  That mess is no joke! I got it 3 separate times, talked to the lactation consultant who was a lot of help but it just kept coming back.  So, we put her on the Baby's Only formula and she seems to be doing really well on it!  It's just so hard to find!

This chick really needs to step it up in the hair department! She has a little bit of  light brown hair, but definitely not as much as her sister had!

I'm finally getting sleep! She goes down anywhere between 8-9 and will sleep until 7.  She hasn't slept like that consistently enough for me to go to bed confident that I'll get a good nights sleep and will sometimes wake around 4:45.  Hopefully soon! 

- She still loves to watch Presley.  She gets that silly little grin on her face when Presley talks to her!

-She has started to coo and giggle, and it's my absolute favorite!

-She is a people watcher!

-For some reason, she likes older people.  You should see her talk to my Mimi!

Fun Stuff:
-Sadie Belle took her first plane ride! She was perfect and slept the entire flight on the way to AL and on the way back!

-We have started the early stages of teething, I believe! Just the hand sucking and drooling--I'm not expecting any teeth to show up any time soon though!

-While in AL we got to hang out with two of my best friends and their kiddos! It was the first time we've all been together with the kids there and it made me feel like a total Mom!

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