September 3, 2014

From 1 to 2

We are now 10 weeks into the whole "Mother (and Father) of 2" thing and can I just say that NOTHING can prepare you to go from 1 child to 2.  It's friggin' hard, y'all!

Sometimes I wonder if it's just because Presley is very busy, talkative, stubborn and hyper.  I also wonder if it's just the age difference and the current stage we are in with Presley right now (hello, Terrible Three's...thought those days were over as soon as she turned 3! NOPE!) and then sometimes I wonder if I'm just being dramatic and this is all normal.

Probably the latter--but, please join me for my pity party anyways.  You're all invited!

I will say that Adam and I were very surprised at how well Presley reacted to having a new baby in the house.  We basically prepared ourselves for the worst, but obviously hoped for the best.  She is so helpful, loves hugging and kissing on Sadie, and I found out today she is very protective of her when other kids get near her.  The part that I find hardest is balancing my time with each child.  Sadie requires a lot of attention and is on a pretty strict schedule (we do Moms on Call) so I am constantly either feeding, burping, changing or bathing the baby all while Presley is begging for me to cuddle her or watch her play with her creepy little dollhouse dolls.  (For the record, I almost always stop what I am doing and snuggle with her or play with her--I just have to remind myself that it's okay if the baby cries for a few minutes!)

I get frustrated because most days Presley talks 90-to-nothin' and calls my name 1,000,000 times just to tell me that she likes my hair or needs another baby wipe to make her doll a new dress (?!?!?!?!)

Then then THEN there's the hellacious task of leaving the house!  I guess I got very used to just having to grab Presley, a diaper, and a few wipes before heading out for the day.  Now, I have to remember the cotton pickin' diaper bag, the burp rag, the pacifier, a change of clothes for both kids, my wallet, my phone and the keys.  WHEW! Got it all...but, wait! My Moms on Call schedule now says that it's nap time for Sadie.


It's hard.  It's tiring.  It's frustrating.

It's all just so new.

I know it won't always be this hard.  There will be a time where Presley won't want me to cuddle with her or play with her--and that makes me pretty sad.  And the time will soon come where Sadie doesn't require so much work and she will be easier to care for, and before I know it she will be grown up, too!

It just takes some getting used to.  A lot of changes to adjust to during the first few weeks and months!  

With that being said--you never realize how it's possible to love two little humans as much as you do until you have them.  I love this time with both girls--even on the hard days!  They are both the best blessings and most days I get emotional just thinking about them and I miss them when they're just right upstairs napping. 

But, it's still hard...please send wine.  

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