September 2, 2014

Sadie Belle-monthly catch-up

HERE is Presley's 2 month update--just for comparisons!

I've really slacked (ha! Understatement of the year) at keeping up with Sadie's weekly/monthly growth posts! Every time I find myself with a little bit of free time it's usually spent on the couch napping or catching up on some shows.  Because, y'all, do you know how awesome-sauce it is to have BOTH minions asleep at the same time and there's nobody crying, screaming ,"MAMA!", asking for another snack, "Hey! Watch this!" (for the 100th time). 

Don't talk, don't move, don't breathe during my alone time.  

I will cut you.

And your Mama.

And your Mama's Mama.

Anywho, enough about me!  Sadie B is growing so fast!  I'm not one to really love the newborn stage--besides the cuddles--so, I am really loving that she's out of that stage now!

Here are some side by side pictures to compare how the little babe is rapidly changing!

At 2 months old:

A few weeks ago she was 10 pounds, but she's definitely had a growth spurt since then.  I am planning on taking her to be weighed this week, but I'd say she's around 11 or 11.5 pounds! We've managed to fatten her up and get rid of those newborn "chicken legs!"

23 inches, but not to be exact.  I just took a measuring tape up to check and I think her legs were bent a smidge!

Clothing Size:
I had to pack up the newborn clothes about 2 weeks ago, and now she is in 3 month size clothes.  I don't know if we are just missing a box or if we just didn't dress Presley during 3-6 months, because we have only a handful of onesies and outfits!  So obviously, this calls for a shopping trip.

Off topic: But, if you have a Once Upon a Child where you live can we please talk about how amazing that place is?!  That's the only place I will go to get Sadie and Presley clothes now.  

She can go anywhere around 3-4 hours in between feedings.  Depends on how tired she is when she's eating--most of the time she falls asleep before she is finished.  At night she can go a little longer though!

Hair is still brown, but definitely more sparse than Presley's was!  I keep waiting for some of it to fall out and come back lighter.  Adam had very blonde hair and I am kind of hoping Sadie's will fall out and come back in blonde!  Her eyes are still dark blue, but I can only assume they'll eventually turn green since Adam, Presley and I have green eyes.

Around two weeks ago we started Moms on Call.  I didn't buy the seminars or books--just downloaded the app for my phone--and it has been AH-MAY-ZING!  Sadie now goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 3 or 4 to eat, then goes back to sleep until around 8am.  The only thing about MOC is that the day starts at 7am and we are usually later sleepers.  I'm not sure if the book covers anything about that, but we somehow manage to stay on schedule throughout the day even when we wake up later.  She naps about 3 times a day for about 2 hours.  

The Moms on Call app is great because it lays out a schedule for you.  You can set it to have alarms go off to remind you when it's time to nap, feed or bathe, and it even has a "crazy day" option that will help you stay on track even when your day gets a little hectic.  Yesterday I decided to see if we veered off the schedule a little bit if she would still sleep at night and she totally woke up a million times!  So, today we are back on the tight sleep/eat/play routine and will hopefully get a good nights rest tonight!

- Sadie loves loves LOVES to watch Presley run around like a crazy person.  She just smiles and smiles when Presley is around! I can't wait until they can play together!

-She loves to suck on her hands.  And it's can hear it from a mile away!

-Bath time is her favorite.  But GOD FORBID you don't heat up her towel in the dryer before getting her out.  I learned that the hard way--home fry is a D-I-V-A!

-She's a Mama's Girl through and through.  Adam says it's because I have boobs, but really it's just because she knows how cool I am and she just wants to hang out with me all of the time ;)

Fun Stuff:
-She is on her way to holding up her head on her own.  She will do it for a while then get tired and it just falls.  HA!  About 2 weeks ago she started to smile whenever she is talked to and I keep trying to get a giggle out of her--but so far, no success!

-She has already been on two trips to the farm and will be headed home to Alabama in a few days! She is a great car rider and we will soon find out how she likes an airplane.  Lord, be near!

Here are just a few pictures of our lovely little Sadie Belle--we love her so much!
Her 1st time at a movie theatre! She ended up sleeping the entire time--what a bore!
That smirk! This is at the farm in Suttons Bay, MI.
At our favorite breakfast place in Suttons Bay!
Sadie's first Alabama football Saturday! Roll Tide Roll!
Presley loves her "stister" to death and is SO good with her! I think she was going in for a kiss here!


  1. SO CUTE! I can't believe how old she is already!

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    1. Tell me about it! Didn't I JUST have her,like, yesterday??

  2. Gracias por publicarlo. El texto es amplio, entendible, claro, y fluido. Me gusto mucho tu blog. Es el mejor post que he leido sobre este tema. Voy a compartirlo con mi amigo doctor ¿Tengo una pregunta? ¿pudes profundizar mas sobre este tema?

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  3. Gracias por publicarlo. El texto es amplio, entendible, claro, y fluido. Me gusto mucho tu blog. Es el mejor post que he leido sobre este tema. Voy a compartirlo con mi amigo doctor ¿Tengo una pregunta? ¿pudes profundizar mas sobre este tema?

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  5. Kids are growing very fast indeed. It always remind me about how fast the time is going. After my first child I was just shocked how old I became. I remember, I was staring at my child and my parents nearby her in hospital and then I just walked away to the WC. There I just gazed into the mirror and I felt total realization of my true age, which was painful. Now when my older girl is 14 and I almost need the Translation Service to speak with my little princess.

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