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December 2, 2008


I still feel like I m recovering from eating so much during Thanksgiving! We ate so much food! It was very nice having Adam with me during the holiday..after 3 years of dating this was our first real holiday together! We have been together on other holidays like Halloween, 4th of July, and stuff like that, but this was the first Thanksgiving! It's been hard in the past since his family is in FL and mine is in AL. But, it was a lot of fun! We went to Montgomery and spent time with my Grandparents (Dad's side). We had a reallllllly good dinner there, then we left the next day. Then on actual Thanksgiving we went to my Grandparents, who live in Tuscaloosa, and ate more food there and spent time with that whole crew. I know that poor ol' Adam was a little confused about that one because there were all kinds of people there! But he survived, he left in one piece and I don't think he was too traumatized :) Now I am preparing myself for Christmas! I love Christmas time!! Looking back on this year, I would say that I have been a very good girl this year so I am hoping I made Santa one proud fellow this year! I wish I could say the same for Adam. Just kidding :) He's been alright, and I am here to tell you, and Hunter will agree, I am not scared to give Santa a little ring on the telephone, I know the phone number up to the North Pole. I have called several times when I am with Hunter, just to give Santa an update on where I think Hunt is on the big list. Santa said that Hunter needed to start obeying more, and it worked like a charm...all it takes is the phone call to the big guy...
Ok..I will stop rambling about Santa..I don't really know where I was going with that one.

This year was the first time I have ever gone shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. It was definitely crowded but I did find some steals at a bunch of stores! I am not sure if I will do it again though. We will see!

On Saturday Me, Adam, my brother Robby, and my Dad went to the Alabama vs Auburn game here in Tuscaloosa...and we won!! Woo hooo! It was such a good game! We had a lot of fun! We tailgated on the quad before the game and saw a bunch of old friends. We took a bunch of pictures on other peoples cameras, so I will try to scrounge those up and post them.

Adam went back home to FL early Sunday morning..I was sad to see him go, BUT...we are meeting up in Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game. Alabama vs Florida! I am so very excited and I already have my outfit planned! I am not too sure about the exact plans, but I do know that I am going and that's all that matters! Bama has had an amazing season, and I would love to see them win this weekend!

Since Adam is gone, I don't have too much to do. Yesterday I volunteered to clean out my Moms closet, get rid of a bunch of things that I didn't think she needed. It took FOREVER!! But, the end result was quite nice! We have two gigantic bags of clothes, jackets, and other stuff to give to the Salvation Army. My room and the guest bedroom are next on the list. It's an all day kind of project, and today I just don't have the energy!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! Sorry I don't have pictures to post, but soon, I will!

Ohhh also, I hope you enjoyed my dance skills. I can assure you that I will have it down-pat one day soon.


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