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December 29, 2008

Headed Back To Florida!

It's been a while since I have written a blog, but I have been busy during the holidays with a lot of traveling! We started out in Opelika, AL with my Dads side of the family and had a really great time! The weather was great so everyone hung out outside and ate some realllly good food! We also went over to my other Grandparents, Jane and Guerry, house who live close by and celebrated with them and opened our gifts with everyone. Then on Christmas Eve we were back in Tuscaloosa and at my Moms side of the family where I ate MORE food! I went over to my brothers house on Christmas Eve and helped Hunter get Santa's cookie and milk ready, but Hunter wanted to leave Santa a cup of Powerade for extra energy...I sure hope Santa liked the little change! After we set out Santa's cookies we went out front and left the reindeer some carrots to eat! Hunter must have been a good boy this year because I think he got every toy that has ever been made! It was crazy how much stuff him and Taelor got...I am keeping tabs on everyone that is spoiling those kids, so when it's my turn there will be major spoilage (if that's even a word...)! It wasn't even cold in Tuscaloosa on Christmas, so that was a little weird to all of us! Every year we (my little brother, Colby, and I) open up our Santa gifts and then head over to see what Hunter got. When I got there Hunter and I went to see if Rudolph ate his carrots and then I heard," OH MY GOSH...Rudolph is in BIG trouble..he pooped in our yard!!!" Hahaha. Hunter could not believe that Rudolph pooped in the yard and he said that next year he needs to be potty trained. It was funny! After spending all day over there I headed over to my Step Dads side of the family and once again, ate. We did things a little different over there this year, we played Dirty Santa with money! The biggest dollar amount in one envelope was $50 so the goal was to pick that one! There were a few 20's and more 10's and 5's. It was definitely a lot of fun, although I got $5!
That was about it for Christmas, I got a bunch of good stuff this year! It's always hard trying to let people know what I want, because whatever I ask for is just one more thing that I have to haul around with me wherever Adam and I are! The big present this year was a Nikon D60 camera and ohhhhh my am I excited to play with that darn thing! Between both of our parents we got the camera, a 55-200 mm lens (which I have NO clue what that means), a really fast loading memory card, and a cute little carrying case for it! We are both very excited about it!

Today a bunch of us headed down here to my aunts house in Mary Esther, FL. My Mom, Colby, and two cousins are here so we are all just relaxing! I am leaving tomorrow morning and headed down to be back with Adam! Wooo hooo! I will be down there until he drives out for Spring Training! I am not going to be at Spring Training like I was last year, I am going to fly out to Phoenix for the last week or so and then we will drive out to SLC (most likely). We are going to only have one car out there this season, so we will see how that works! I am very ready to get there tomorrow, but I dread the 7 1/2 hour drive! We have a fun night planned for New Years, I think, which also happens to be Adams 27th birthday! Yes sir, 27 years old..he's getting on up there!!

I am sure that we will be watching the Sugar Bowl that Alabama and Utah are playing in. My old roommate in Salt Lake graduated from Utah, so I have been getting a few text messages from her about the game!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year! I will post some pictures up here and then when I get to Adams I will make a whole photo album!

Hunter riding his new bike in his new Alabama Football uniform
Feeding the reindeer their carrots!
My neice Taelor and I
Me and my brother helping Tae open her presents
My favorite kid ever!