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August 24, 2011

I'm here!...

Well, barely!

I swear I wrote a post the other day, but didn't finish so it's in my drafts almost ready to hit "publish"! I'm writing from my iPhone so please excuse the errors!

You're probably thinking,"well dipstick, why don't you just publish it now!?"

Well, I would except I'm in the hospital AGAIN due to a 9 millimeter kidney stone and an E. Coli infection. Back when I was pregnant with Presley I was hospitalized for a week due to 2 kidney stones. I only passed one so we all knew that at some point the second one would come out.

Well it did, and it brought Hell along with it, which is making it splendid for everyone!

About a week ago I started having pains in my back and side which I instantly knew was my kidney stone moving. I'm pretty much the Kidney Stone Queen at this point so I didn't call the doctor and took some pain meds that I had prescribed from childbirth. I did that for a day or two (Adam took care of the baby when I was sleeping) and it eventually stopped. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. I started hurting again and the pain didn't stop. Instead of going to the ER like I normally do I call the Urologist to make an appointment but they couldn't get me in until the next morning. Thankfully Adam got up with the baby all night (he has truly been the biggest blessing!). I had to get a cat scan before seeing the doctor so they could locate and see how big of a stone we're talking about.

Anywho, I get the CT scan and then go to the urologist where they tell me it's a 9 millimeter kidney stone and there's no chance that I will pass it on my own. To make things even more fun, the stone has completed clogged my kidney and it is unable to drain and I have a severe infection!

Let's celebrate! Oh but wait, there's more!

The doctor comes in and I immediately conclude that he takes eye contact with his patients very very seriously. I don't think the guy ever blinked.

Kinda freaked me out. Just like when he told me they were putting me straight into the hospital and doing surgery to put a stint in so my kidney can drain.


It all happened pretty fast so I had to get in touch with everyone to let them know where to go and who needs to take care of the little meatball. Adam and my mom weren't even at the hospital and I was already in the holding room to go into surgery, but Adam made it about 30 minutes before so I did get to see him.

The surgery went great, I'm a complete weirdo and LOVE being put to sleep so this was like a "mentally unstable Moms field trip"! Yay for sleep! Yay for drugs! Yay for people waiting on me hand and foot! What totally ruins all of the fun is when nurses and room service knock on the door, come in, and flip the light on and ask pointless questions that I'm PRETTY SURE could wait until the morning!

So, long story short: the stint was put in to drain my kidney and I have to come back in a few weeks when my infection is gone and I will get the stone zapped with a laser so I can pass it.

But but BUT the icing on the cake is the infection I have is E. Coli.



Why not, right!? I mean, go big or go home! So I'm on (and will stay on) antibiotics for a few weeks to get rid of that. I'm not sure how I got that because I'm a 'tard and didn't ask the doctor but will in the morning.

So that's what I've been doing! Having so much fun without you and I know you're jealous! Between my Mom, Adam, and Mimi Presley has been taken care of. I miss her so bad though! I'm hoping I'll get to go home tomorrow. At least when I come back for my next surgery I will be prepared and packed! I'm not good with surprises like this, but I'm not gonna lie, I am good with the drugs there giving me :-)

Love Peace Chicken grease,

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  1. Kidney Stones are the devil! Hope you feel better! That infection is the devil also! Praying for you!

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  2. Praying for you! Get better soon!

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  3. Geez! What a week you've had! I bet you miss your Meatball to pieces! Thank goodness you have a great hubby and mom to help out. Get well SOON!

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