January 17, 2012

babino #2

Did that title have you a little scared?! HA!

Nope, I'm not knocked up...yet.

But lately I have been thinking about things that I would like to do differently for our next child.  We have learned so many lessons with Presley, and obviously we can't go back and change things, but we can be more prepared for the next lucky little tyke that we have!

First off, I will try harder to breastfeed.  I am, by no means, against formula..it's just that uhhh, hello?! We have the poors.  And that shizz is expensive! Especially when you have a little drama baby who is lactose intolerant and can only drink Soy based formula.  RUDE!  If you can recall, I BF'ed for about 45 seconds and was all,"Um thanks.  But no thanks." Not to mention I could pump for hours on end and only produce about 5 ounces.  

Also, I would like to do the Moms On Call seminars.  I've read several blogs of new moms who have learned so much from them and pretty much all of them have success stories about their baby sleeping through the night at only a few weeks old.  HELLO! Doesn't that sound like Heaven?
When Presley was only a few weeks old I remember the only thing I ever wanted was for her to sleep.  I hated bed time and getting up during the night was, by far, the worst thing ever.  Thankfully she was super cute and always smiling during those feedings, so I survived.  I don't do well without sleep.  I'm a raging hormonal casserole and the world is just a better place when LDizzle has had some shut eye.

The next baby is totally getting shafted in the clothing department.  Unless it's another girl who just happens to be born in the same "season" as Presley.  Otherwise, I'm buying about 10 outfits and that's all it's going to wear.  I just got done packing up all of Presleys smaller clothes and holy crapola! She only wore, like, 1/4 of them! It's so dumb to buy so many clothes for a baby who is just going to wear them for such a short amount of time! I know it's hard to resist, especially girl clothes.  They're so cute! But for reals. 10 outfits.  

Another thing I will do more of with #2 is more tummy time.  We have no reason as to why we didn't do it with P, we just didn't.  Not that it's all that important though, her muscles are nice and strong anyways.  But, for some reason I would like to do it more with the next one.  

That's all I can come up with right now.  Everything else that we do with Presley I'm pretty satisfied with! I'm sure along the way I will have more and more things that I'd like to do differently! 

Now...we just need to get baby #2 here!!!!


  1. Haha....Kids grow like weeds. Luckily I have a niece and a nephew so I could hopefully get some clothes from my sisters.

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  2. Haha....Kids grow like weeds. Luckily I have a niece and a nephew so I could hopefully get some clothes from my sisters.

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  3. Whew girl!! you got me on that one I was like noo way already?! Everyone else in the blog world seems to be on #2 too.

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