January 21, 2012

trip to the ER

Almost two weeks ago Presley was super sick! It all started when I picked her up from school on Monday (the 9th) and she felt very warm, like she had a fever.  I thought maybe it was just from teething but then I remembered that she coughed a lot during the night.  I brought her home to take her temperature and it was 102.5! Yowzas! I gave her some Tylenol and it went down..yay!

She coughed all night that night, woke up very wheezy, was so congested that she would throw up everything she would eat, and still had a temp.  I had already taken off work since the babes have to be fever free (without any Tylenol or Motrin) for 24 hours.  I was sad that she was sick, but pretty pumped about a snuggle day with my favorite little meatball!

She was still very sick so I called her pediatricians office.....




So I waited until the next morning and we went to the doctor.  Her pediatrician listened to her chest for about 2 seconds and said she was fine, then she looked in her ears and said she had an ear infection.  Okay.  Got some meds and went on with our merry way.

**just a little side note here: I took P's temp before we went and it was around 102 (btw, I go the bunghole route..joy!).  Her ped took it in her ear and it was 97...so obviously they need to find a more practical way to take a baby's temperature. That big ear thermometer clearly doesn't fit in a childs ear....**

P was still running a high temp and even more wheezy and raspy by the next day, so on Thursday night I took her to a little doc-in-a-box (American Family Care by Publix) and this doctor (crackhead) prescribed her some cough meds and another antibiotic.  The cough meds worked but we still continued to give her the antibiotic her ped gave her.

THE NEXT NIGHT (Friday night)! Still just as bad...maybe a little worse..

By this point the wheezing was so bad that I could tell she was having trouble breathing, I got a little worried and sent a video to my bff, Kristen, who is a NICU nurse and I figured she probably knows better than I do if I should take her to the ER or not and she said that it wouldn't be a bad idea.

I was super thrilled about going to the ER on a Friday night!

We fed Presley dinner then headed out.  Thankfully there wasn't too many people there, but we even got to skip the waiting room and head straight back.

Presley was a beast because it was bedtime and she kept having horrible coughing fits.  As soon as we got into the room she puked all over her hospital gown! LOVELY! But after a negative RSV test, a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, a Rocephin shot, a breathing treatment, and a steroid shot...we were done!

The doctor said she was surprised that her RSV test came back negative because she had every symptom of it. (side note: a child across the hall in her preschool had RSV and it turns out that a baby in her classroom had it...so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it actually was!)

We are now recovered and back into our normal routine.  When she was sick she was not eating or sleeping like she normally was...so this Mama is glad her baby is much better!

If you made it this far then you just won 489,535,670 brownie points from me!
At her pediatrician on Wednesday!

In the ER on Friday
Sick baby!

Breathing Treatment!
Finally home!



  1. Oh no! Poor girl glad she's all better and back to her normal cute baby self!

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  2. That makes me so sad! I am shocked they do not take a rectal temp. That's the only temp they ask for for Gabe at Tuscaloosa Peds. Poor guy has been getting his temp taken a lot. He has some type of fever virus. I am glad Presley is better!

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  3. Oh poor girl, glad she is better.

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  4. Poor thing! So glad to hear that she is better!!

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  5. So glad Baby P is doing better! That must have been scary for you all.

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