January 10, 2012

Ooooh Toodles!

Y'all.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is taking over my life.

I go to bed at night singing the hot dog song, and wake up singing the hot dog song.

kill. me. now.

This led me to the bright idea of ordering a few new DVD's for the little meatball.  Obviously, I ordered ones that I like to watch since it stays on the TV all day long.

The other day I got online to order The Little Mermaid DVD and it was $40.


So I did what any other poor person would do and I got-to-biddin' on eBay...


oh yes I did!

It came in today, which conveniently was also the day that Presley chose to be sick.  So we stayed home and snuggled up to watch the new movie.

Except that I forgot to give her the Tylenol (Benadryl) so she whined and coughed throughout the whole movie.


I ordered another ridiculous movie that my little brother used to watch (Baby Songs) which I'm sure she won't watch, it'll just be another 12+ songs that will be stuck in my head all day...

Anywhoozle, sorry for the lack of updating.  I've pretty much been a single Mom since we've been home from Florida.  Adam stayed at his parents house for a few extra days after I left, then came home for about a day and then left for NOLA to go the big game!

Which, if you haven't heard....

We are the National Champions! #14!

Adam got a student ticket and stayed with a few friends. He was super excited and had a lot of fun!

Let's not forget all of the brownie points I earned by staying at home with our child while he partied it up in The Big Easy. I smell a shopping trip or something in my future!

Honestly, I feel so far behind on blogging that I don't even have the brain cells to go all the way back to Christmas.  It was great, we enjoyed seeing all of our families and friends! Presley met a bunch of new people, and got tons of presents!

We also got her ears pierced while we were in FL! 

That was....interesting. 

Poor kid...but she's better now! And is sporting some shiny pink diamonds CZ in her little lobes! I'm on the search for some screw-back earrings that were made for a baby!

I'm still super busy at work..turns out people really love getting massages.

Who would thunk it??

Adam starts back to school tomorrow...ONE MORE CLASS PEOPLE!

One class and he will graduate! He asked me if he could take a few extra classes "for fun" and without a blink of an eye I said, "HELL NO!!" 

Seriously, who is he? Who takes classes for fun?

Alrighty, well I'm rambling and Presley is obviously pissed about something.

(I just checked on her and she had face planted the carpet) 

I'm such a great Mom, y'all!!!

I'll update in a few days with her 6 month stats!

OH MY GOSH!! 6 months, for reals.  I've kept another human alive for 6. whole. months!

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