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February 24, 2012

our week

This past week has really been a doozie for me! I've been pretty busy at work, then as soon as I get home with the kid the work just keeps going on and on and on and ON!

 Monday I had my first day of physical therapy.

Diagnosis: Tendonitis in elbows and wrist.
Treatment: PT 3x a week FOR THREE WEEKS!

  I go and I literally paid $30 (co-pay) to bend my elbows and wrists for 20 second increments.  Oh, and I got to squeeze some putty.

How is this medical science?

Not to mention I left work and did 4 massages! I think it just totally defeats the purpose. 

So obviously, I haven't been back and don't really plan on it.  I ended up getting one of my co-workers to strip my arms and OH MYLANTA it felt, like, a-freaking-mazing. Seriously, he worked on my arms with so much pressure that I have bruises.  But it's all good in the hood, I'm healed for now!

Presley went to the doctor about a week ago, she has fluid on her ear so we've been treating that by some nose spray or something.  I'm not really sure how that helps but as long as I don't have to   sit on her and squirt medicine down her esophagus I'm on board.  Dramababy.  

Homegirl has started fussing during bath time which is super tragic.  I could do without that for like, the rest of my life.  I'm about six hundred and eleventy two percent sure it was her ears bothering her, but I take no excuses.  She's fine now, but bath time took about 3 years off my life.  I can't get those years back. Ever.

On a sad note, I have stopped rocking Presley to sleep at night.  No reason except THERE IS ONE IMPORTANT REASON which is bedtime and LindsaysFavoriteShowsAreOn-Time just so happen to run together.  That's something I can't deal with, so I plop her into bed and start to watch my shows (teenmom2WHAT!!!!!!) We are on night 3 of this and so we are golden.  She doesn't cry and she still sleeps all night.  BOOM!

Sorry, lots of excitement in the baby department tonight.

Adam just got home and is in a good mood because the baseball team won tonight! Pretty soon he will be leaving for road trips which sucks donkey butt, big time!  He enjoys the coaching part of the job but I'm sure being away from me for so long will just. tear. him. to. shreds.


Yeah right...freeeeeeedom!


The End.



  1. I completely agree with physical therapy being a waste. When I injured my lower back a few years ago I went to PT and layed on a bed with a heat pack on my back for 30 minutes... Seriously! And the psychobaby photo= PRICELESS!!

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  2. Oh my gosh! haahaa that picture is sooo cute (the one called psycho baby) Love getting to see what you are up to! xo

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  3. Bathtime used to be Guinevere's favorite, and now she whines and fusses non stop, DRIVES ME NUTS. Tyler is in charge of all baths now and if he's working late...girl doesn't get one. I also quit rocking her. Not necessarily for TV shows, but she didn't need it, and I've always got stuff to do, so its nurse/kiss/goodnight. Its good for them to self soothe if needed!

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  4. Hey before I forget check out my blog, I tagged you in a post!

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