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February 15, 2012

seven months

My little babynuggetlove is 7 months old today!

Holding steady at 19 pounds! (75%)

27 inches (75%)

Clothing Size:
I think we are finally transitioning into 9-12 months! I bought her a few more pairs of jammies that are 12 months, but I think they run small because they're cheap.

Size 3, but once we run out of these I'm getting size 4.  Has anyone tried the slip on diapers? We've reached the point where she turns over mid-diaper change.  Presley doesn't know how annoying that is!

This last month was one big experiment with food! P is now eating table food! So far she loves chicken, crackers, bread, rice, and apparently after today at school...red velvet cuppycakes!  She is still eating baby food and taking 5 ounces every few hours! 

Lots of hair coming in and it's brown! This makes me happy! Her eyes are also still green.

This is a sensitive subject this week.

The little turd has started waking up every 30 seconds because she flips from her back to her front.  Any other time she'd just roll back over, but NOOOOOOO sir-e-bob.  At night she just cries for me to come flip her back over.  Super annoying and just so we are clear...it is in fact illegal to duct tape a child to the bed, right? Because I'm running out of options.  I know she's fine on her stomach, that's not a concern.  It's just that she hates sleeping on her stomach and will cry until we flip her back over.

She's going through a rattle phase, or really anything that she can shake and it will make noise!

She loves to babble and fake cough

Mickey Mouse and his little minions are still dictating our TV

She loves to people watch

Fun Stuff:
Homefry has her two bottom teeth! BOOM!

Should be crawling in no time!

Says bye-bye, Mama, and Papa

weird fact: P calls Adam Papa...I've decided it's from all the Pitbull I listened to when I was pregnant.  Look at my little latin bambina! 

She's basically fluent in espanol.

She can pick food up and put it in her mouth.  She prefers mouth fulls of food. There is no portion control with her!

That's basically it! It makes me sad to think how quickly this is going bye, but I love watching her grow and learn new things! 



  1. a chocolate chip cookie...really?? hahahah thats awesome! Shes adorable I love the 2 little teeth.

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  2. The fake cough comes in handy! Gabe was fake coughing, now he is sick, and I can get him to cough and clear his throat.

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