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March 15, 2012

barnyard birthday party

Last Saturday I took Presley to her 2nd birthday party (OMG, I'm a real life Mom, aren't I??).  Her first party to ever go to was her boyfriend Cruz's 1st birthday.  This last one was for a little boy named Parker! His parents go to are church and are in our small group, so there were lots of familiar faces there! We had so much fun, the weather was perfect and P-Nasty definitely looked like a little Daisy Duke!

Except we held off on the shorts.  The world is not ready for her chubby little thighs :)

They had it very organized on how they ran the party.  It wasn't all,"BE FREE!" with the animals or anything.  When we first got there we went on a little boat ride around the pond, then we fed the baby pigs and mini goats.  After that the older kids held some baby chicks and bunnies, and rode the miniature pony!

Obviously, Presley couldn't do much but we still had a great time.  They had a swing set that we played on while the older kids did their thang.  Then we ate the most wonderfulest tastiest birthday cake my buds have ever tasted. Presley loved the cake and ice cream too!

We couldn't leave without getting her a pink Barnyard shirt.  So we did that and then headed home, where she napped like it was her job!

If you live in T-Town then you should totally check that place out! We would never be able to have P's party there because it'd be hot a the dickens (July 15th...HELLO!) but for a Fall or Spring birthday it was perfect!

I wish Adam would have been with us, he would have loved it!

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