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March 24, 2012

double trouble

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, bro's and hoes....

Presley still has a double ear infection.

::insert ugly cry face from Mom here::

A few posts back I mentioned this, and I had said that she had this infection since Feb. 26th BUT I STAND CORRECTED! She's actually had it since Jan. 20th.


We've pretty much started to pay rent at our doctors office these days. Finally, after going this past week we decided it would be best to see an ENT doctor and we would discuss tubes.

Funny thing about that though, I didn't want to discuss anything. We were getting tubes if I had to go to Publix and buy some macaroni pasta and insert it into her ear myself (that's what they use, right?!).

I took her to the ENT (raging' Cajun Dr. David for you locals) and he said she would really benefit from tubes.

As in, I would also benefit!

He gave me a pamphlet on tubes then I kissed him on the mouth (shook his hand) because I was so happy this would soon be over with.

Thank ya Jesus!

And the appointment is April 3rd. And Adam just so happens to be out of town that day. And now he wants me to reschedule for the next day. And I want to uglyfacecry again. And obviously I'm going to do it because who's going to go get me a Starbucks that early in the morning?

I know it seems like I am not really worried about Presley having a procedure done. It's because I'm not! Babies get these mugs all the time and it's basically a 15 minutes deal that the doctor
can do with his eyes closed.

Although, I'd prefer he doesn't. I want her ears to stop bothering her pronto!

So that's the scoop for now! She is actually acting fine now, I think she has just gotten used to the pain. She still pulls at her ears but is back to eating and sleeping like she did in the good ol' days!

Ta ta for now!

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