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July 6, 2014

Sadie's birth story- Part 1

You can read (and I think you should, so you can see how completely different these two deliveries were) Presley's birth story HERE!

I'm hoping to get this all typed out before my memory fades (hello, Mommy Brain!) and too much time passes! Sadie's birth was so different from Presley's, just reading what I posted about Presley's birth makes me cringe!

From the very beginning of this pregnancy I knew that I wanted things to go differently and I was pretty hopeful that they would be since we don't even live in the same state that Presley was born.  When I made my very first appointment here in Indiana, the receptionist asked me if I would like to see the OB-GYN or the Midwives throughout my pregnancy.  I figured, why not? Midwives it is!  They are more likely to be on the same page as I am when it comes to how I wanted my pregnancy, labor, and delivery to go.  And dudes, I was totally right!

There are three midwives in the practice that is also in conjunction with the doctor, but I never saw the doctor.  He is basically just around for the midwives if anything goes wrong.  All of my appointments were always rotating with the midwives, so I didn't have a choice to just choose to stick with one.  But, I loved them all and was totally fine with whoever would be on call when it came time to deliver!

All of my monthly and weekly appointments were very uneventful.  Just the typical blood pressure and weight gain check, visit with the midwife, then out the door type of thing!

The only appointment that got a little hairy was the one hour glucose test, I bombed it.  Totally failed! 

Okay cool, no biggie.  I'll just go to the three hour test, enjoy the time alone with just me and some gossip magazines, and pass with flying colors!

Yeah.  Failed that one, too, and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

After failing that test, there were so many other appointments involved.  I now had to do weekly Non Stress Tests, prick my finger a billion times a day,  take certain supplements and medicine, meet with the doctor, meet with a Maternal Fetal Specialists, and (ahem, try to) really watch my diet.  

**for those wondering, my numbers were never ever that high.  I think the highest it ever reached was around 170, and that was after eating a ton of fruit.  They mainly stayed around 140, which to me, isn't something to totally freak about and even one of my midwives basically told me it was bull honkey.  But, they're the professionals, so I do (most) of what I am told :)**

Once I was diagnosed with GD they automatically moved my due date from July 1st to June 24th, a week early because with GD babies are typically (not always) bigger in size.  I wasn't too excited about that, and I know I could have refused an induction, but I just went with it and decided to wait it out to see how things were closer to that time.

The end of June rolls around and I'm on maternity leave, my Mom has flown in, and I go to my 39 week appointment on Monday June 23rd.  My midwife checks me to see if I am dilated, and I'm 1cm.  She sets it up for me to go in that night at 8pm to get Cytotec to help me dilate so the next morning we can get the party started!

Around 6ish, the charge nurse calls and says that there are no rooms available at the moment, and that they will either give me a call before midnight if something comes up.  Otherwise, we should be able to go in the next day at 5pm.

Cool.  Ain't no thang.  We still had new bedroom furniture to put together anyways!

The next morning rolls around and I get another call from the charge nurse saying that there was still no rooms available and that this has never happened.  Apparently, they even had women set up in the triage room?! 

Whatever.  I was definitely totally for sure set up to be there at 7am the next morning.

Adam and I arrive at the hospital, I get my gown on (b-t-dubs, my best friend got me my own cute hospital gown and I got SO many compliments on it!)

Then the waiting game began after they gave me the Cytotek! I was slowly dilating, but still didn't have any Pitocin.  It was in my birth plan that I didn't want Pitocin if I didn't have to have it, and thank God I didn't!

I was basically dilating one centimeter an hour and was having pretty consistent contractions that were about 3-4 minutes apart, but not painful.  

Around lunch time, Adams parents made it by the hospital and stayed for a while.  That's when I got out of bed and we did a little walking around for a while.  My contractions were getting strong enough where I had to stop and breathe , I definitely couldn't talk through them at this point!

Adams parents left to go get Presley from school, then brought her by the hospital to visit for a little bit! I was so happy to see her :)

I got back in bed, we are all just chatting and watching Presley, I'm contracting....and then...


(stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow!)

Turns out, we didn't take too many pictures during this time! But, here are a few.  Adam did a lot of videoing that day, so once he gets the time he will put all of that together!

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  1. I was given pitocin when my water broke with Sam because I wasn't having contractions on my own. I would LOVE not to have to have it this time. I am the crazy person who wants to see if I can handle labor without pain meds.

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