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July 7, 2014

Sadie's birth story- Part 2

**FYI: if you would like to savor any sort of "normal" image you've ever had of me (ha!) then don't read this post.  It's not going to be too detailed, but just detailed enough for you to picture me doing things you might not want to have forever embedded in your mind :) **

So, my water broke while I was lying in bed.  Everyone left the room so my nurse could help me up and change all of the bedding I was on.  As I was standing up in the middle of the floor my water broke again and this time it was basically exactly how it happens in the movies.  Just, water everywhere!  The look on the nurses face was hilarious, so as I kept laughing, more water was coming! It was a vicious cycle but she managed to push me over into the bathroom so I could just sit on the toilet and wait it out! 

After my water broke, my contractions started to get really painful.  I can't remember at this point how much I was dilated, but I think it was at this point I asked for some pain meds through my IV.  I still wanted to hold out on the epidural, and thankfully whatever they gave me was just enough to take the edge off and make things bearable again!  

Time passes by, I take some naps, and Adam decides to go home for a bit since we live literally 30 seconds away from the hospital ( I could see our neighborhood from my window!)  As soon as he gets home I start to feel SO much pain, so I ask for the epidural.  I would have preferred Adam to be there, but I had to settle with nuzzling my face into my nurses boobs while the anesthesiologist put it in.  He was seriously the best, I didn't feel one thing! I didn't even believe him when he said he was done.

More time passes and I think I sleep a little!

Later on, probably around 11pm or so,  Sadie wasn't all the way face down, so they had me lie on my side to get her to turn.  Adam had gone back home to sleep a little since we knew it would still be a while--I was still only 5cm dilated!  Once I was lying on my side, I went from 5 to 10 cm dilated in about 30 minutes.  We called Adam and told him to rush back to the hospital because the nurses assumed it was go time!

Once my midwife checked me, she said that the baby still wasn't all the way down, and I could either push now or wait until she dropped all the way.  She said that if I could hold out and take the pain and pressure, then I wouldn't have to do as much pushing to get her out.  So, I waited it out...until around 2:50am and that's when I started pushing!

I actually ended up lying on my side and pushing, which felt so much better than lying on my back!  I'm not sure how many times I had to push, it wasn't too many.  The reason it seemed like it took so long was because at this point my contractions slowed down and the time in between pushes was much longer than normal! At one point, Sadie was halfway out and my midwife just had to sit there for about a minute--holding her until I had another contraction and could push! Talk about a weird feeling :)

After a few more pushes, Sadie Belle was here! All 7lbs 12oz's of her :)


The pain this time around was nowhere near as bad as it was when I had Presley.  There was some discomfort, but definitely no burning or stretching feeling! Sadie came out with the cord tightly wrapped around her neck, so we were unable to do the delayed cord clamping (which was part of my birth plan) but, obviously I know it was much more important to get her over to the other warmer so the nurses could work on her!  Thankfully, she started crying and avoided going to the NICU!

Meanwhile, my midwife stayed with me to do all of the fun afterbirth shenanigans.  I was so happy to hear her say that I didn't tear or have to have an episiotomy!  Thank ya, Jesus!

After that, things were pretty uneventful.  Sadie and I did an hour of skin to skin, then I breastfed her, and then the nurse took her into the bathroom to wash her off.  I loved loved loved doing the skin to skin--that's something I didn't do with Presley.  The hospital where I delivered recommends that the baby spends 23 out of 24 hours in the room with the parents, so we just ended up keeping her with us the entire time!

The next two days we just spent in the hospital recovering!  Adam actually went back to work the next day since my Mom is here.  After two days in the hospital we headed home and have been going on with life!

Sadie is such a great baby (so far) and just sleeps non-stop.  It's hard to even keep her awake for feedings, but I know that the newborn phase will wear off soon and she will wake up!

I know I'm probably forgetting tons of little details with Sadie's birth, but for now this will do!

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  1. Can I tell you that I literally sat here and made a mental list of all the changesI want for my next birth ( whenever that is) because it seemed like things went so smooth for you! Congrats, Sadie is adorable!

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