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March 8, 2009

Nothing New

Nothing exciting has gone on since the last post! Since the last post Adam hasn't really played much at all! A lot of the big league guys are playing most of the games, which leaves Adam and many other guys on the bench. Most of the time he will get in the game for one at bat or so. I didn't go to a few games this past week so I'm not positive if he got any hits or not. I do know that he got an RBI yesterday, but that's about it. I sure do hope that he gets some game time today!

I haven't been attending the games for the past few days because I have been having some girl time! Tanner and baby Asher got here last week so I have been hanging out with them! They have all the kids at their place so that is WAY more fun than going to games! Yesterday I spent the day by the pool with a couple of girls, so today I am going to suck it up and go to the field..and you are never going to believe this but...I will actually be on time! I know, I know..I am pretty shocked myself..I don't know if I have ever been on time!

On a crappier note, our internet is no longer our friend...at all. Poor Adam had to go sit across the street on the curb to pick up a signal the other night..I am actually pretty surprised that I am getting a signal right now. The guy at the desk is not much help either..so that's why there aren't too many blogs these days (on top of the fact that our life is pretty boring)!

We are still trying to find a place to live in SLC. Our landlord from last year emailed me and asked if we would like to live in his townhouse again. We would love to but we aren't willing to pay what we did last year. I think Adam and Terry are working on it though. I am addicted to Craigslist so I still look on there!

Ok..I better go if I still want to be on time! I don't have any pictures to post..sorry!


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