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March 25, 2009

Lysol Overload!!

You know, just when I think I have the immune system of an ox, the stomach bug holds us hostage! Let me take you back to where it all began...

*Eli Willits, Reggie's son, get the stomach bug..he pukes all over his beautiful mother, Amber...
*Amber gets the stomach bug...
*Tanner Evans, who lives with the Willits clan, get the stomach bug...
*Terry Evans, Tanners husband, gets the stomach bug...
***Please note, I spend most of my days with all of these folks****
Now, I don't know if I actually fully had the bug or what, but I almost get sick while working out.
*Adam wakes up..has the friggin bug!!!!!!

I would say that this is one contagious monster if you ask me! This leads to me being an absolute psycho with the Lysol. I have been running around our apartment like a mad woman, just spraying everything in sight..I have fumigated the apartment like none other. Everything Adam has touched, has been hosed down with the Lysol, everything down to the flusher-handle-thingy on the toilet. A bit much? I think not.

So, due to Adam feeling a bit sickly, he came home from the field around 11 for the past two days. Now, normally, I would be thrilled about this, I mean, ppssshh, heck yeah lets have some fun on these "off days". But, HELLO????..doesn't Adam know that I like to get my daily dose of my Twilight movie in silence??? Instead, I was taking care of him, which is like the equivalent to a brittle and frail elderly person on their deathbed with only moments to live! It was pitiful! ( I am really hoping Adam doesn't read this post, I think he thought I enjoyed doing this.) He is quite the "milker" when he is sick...this is what I heard about one trillion times in the last few days...,"Can you go get me this or that(or whatever he wanted at the time)...I cant do it because I'm sick." Sheeeeeeeesh! I am very happy to say that he is back to his normal little self and is at the field, for the rest of the day..because I told him I was not coming to pick him up early today :) I know it seems like I was a total witch to him while he was "fighting off the bright lights at the end of the tunnel" fiasco, but I really was nice and sweet..for the most part!

Everyone is now much better and we can all get on with our lives. Meaning, I am going to watch Twilight until my eyeballs fall out.

Yesterday Adam came home early from the field and we came home for a little bit. Then we headed to the airport to pick up Leslie and Daylen Bonilla! If you remember from our posts during the baseball season last year, I always talked about Leslie and Daylen (he's the cute kid I was always holding?!?!). Her husband, Henry, plays for the Dodgers and they are out here for a while to visit him! Henry had planned on picking them up from the airport but then he got called up to the big league game, which happened to be a night game. So we gladly picked them up and we all headed to the game. Adam was extremely excited because his all-time favorite player is now with the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez. I must say, it was very odd to have Adam in the stands with me at a baseball game..I was not used to that! But of course I didn't pay much attention to the game, Leslie and I had way too much catching up to do. Adam and Daylen hung out and walked around the stadium some, they went and talked to Henry for a while, he was hanging out in the bull pen with all the other pitchers. (If you're not up to par on the baseball lingo-it's not an actually bull pen..it's just a term for where all of the pitchers sit during the game...) :o)

At this point I think everyone is totally over spring training! It was fun at first, but, not so much (that was meant to be said with my best Borat accent..if you will..). I am ready for night games to begin! Although, Mother Nature better get her rear in gear before we head north. The last I heard it's still snowing in SLC...not acceptable!

Anywho, nothing more exciting to blog about over here! I am going to go finish up some laundry and do some more cleaning..who knew I could actually be this domestic? For a while there I thought I was domestically challenged...my how things change!


Adam and Daylen walking into the stadium

Adam went down to get some pics of Manny.

There he is, the big man himself :)

You know how I like to throw in random pictures?! Well this picture is for my wonderful cousin, Anna Lisa. Anna, I wanted to rent all of these movies, for old times sake :) (ok, not "Old" times sake, I am still obsessed..)

Oh my, here is the poor sick boy

Adam and I after the game

Adam and Daylen, tryin to pick up some ladies :)

Leslie and I after the game..love her!


  1. You crack me up princess !

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  2. You just MADE my day! I love it, I love it, I love it...ohhh and don't you worry...I still have everysingle one of those movies in T-town! Now, we just need to convert them to DVDs. Love You!

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    Sounds like some sort of fancy pasta...Yummmm Italian. Great, now i'm hungry again...fat kid!

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