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March 22, 2009

The reason I haven't blogged.

One word. Sims. Man, I am friggin' addicted to that game! I know, it's sad but I just can't help it! So much has happened in the last week or so..where shall I begin?!?!

So, this may sound bizarre to some, but I have started doing the P90X workout. Ouch. Oh my gosh, it's is soooo hard! Let me just tell you about my first day. Ok, well the first day I did the Legs & Back. It wasn't too bad. Just a full hour of lunges, squats, push ups, wall squats. I survived, that's all that mattered...at the moment. So, after doing that, I had to start moving our stuff from our apartment to the new one that we are now in. That consisted of walking up and down two flights of stairs with heavy suitcases..I did that about..ohhhhh , I'd say, 25 times. My legs were like noodles, I was prepared to collapse at any second. But, then, I decided to wait on Adam to do the rest. So I figured I would head over to visit Tanner, Amber, and their kids while I waited on Adam to get done with the game. On the drive over there I was thinking "Man, I really hope they have already gone on their daily walk....'. Now I should know better, I don't have that kind of luck. As soon as I pull up they are just starting their 3 mile walk. I am happy to say that I also survived that. But my legs hated me. The next day was the worst. At one point I really thought that I was going to have to call someone at the front office to come unlock my front door and help me off the couch and onto the toilet..(Too much info?? You'll live. I did.) Thankfully my legs are no longer sore, but my abs are.. :) Ok, I know, that was an unnecessarily long story but it was a big deal.

Oh yeah, Adam got sent down to minor league camp a few days ago. He wasn't too happy, but there's not much he could do about it. That just means that he gets more playing time and more at bats. Today he went up with the big league team to their game, so he will probably play some up there. They can call him up to play in their games while he is down in minor league camp, so that's good :) This means I am officially done going to games for the rest of spring training..yahooooo!

I baby sat baby Asher the other day while Terry and Tanner went out to a much needed lunch by themselves. He is so dang cute! He is going to be one spoiled child, weather his mom and dad like it or not!! :o)

The most important thing that has happened recently is that Twilight came out on DVD yesterday!!! I finally finished all of the books, so now I am just going to watch the movie until the next movie comes out!

Man, I feel like I had SO much to blog about, but I guess I just had a brain fart and forgot..now all I can think about is food..so Im gonna go eat and maybe my thoughts will come back to me...dang it! I hate it when this happens (welcome to my world).



  1. Hi my friend! I love the post! And yes, we Cubbies fans are crazy! Its great though! The pictures are too cute. Asher is the cutest thing! Oh and Twilight!!!! I love how that made it into the blog! Ihave had it 2 days now...so far I've watched it everyday. Wow...I have a cool life! Love you!

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  2. Bahahaha.... Livery Truck. Wow...I totally forgot to comment on that before! Dang...good pic!

    verification word: tropi

    Like a little kid trying to say trophy! hahahaha Love You!

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