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November 24, 2009

Anyone still out there??

Oh dear, I know I totally deserve the award for worst. blogger. ever. But please forgive me!

I have a totally legit reason that you haven't heard from me. We have been doing absolutely nothing! Just doing the same ol' same ol'! Adam works out every day, then goes to the batting cages. Then we eat dinner, go to bed, and do the same thing the next day. I know, you're totally jealous of all the awesome-ness in our life (insert sarcasm here).

Adam has been talking occasionally to his agent about winter ball. He said that there might be a team in Venezuela that's interested but we won't know any more for a few more days. The winter ball teams usually give the run around. They'll say, "Okay, we will talk in a few days when we know more." Then a few days pass and they say, "Okay well just give us a few more days to talk about blah blah blah." So, it could be a while! He hasn't really talked to his agent about the free agency yet. It will probably be a while before they get started on that. I wish they'd hurry up though, I would like to know where we could possibly be next year! I am trying to be patient..but it's hard :)

Good news though..Uncle Dave is coming home from the hospital! Thank you God! He's been up in Tampa at the Moffitt Cancer Center where he was supposed to stay for a month while he was getting chemo, but they are setting him freeeeeeee! He's been handling all of the medicine so well that he can just go to a doctor near by! Thank you for all of your prayers! We are excited about him being back home, and he is more than excited!!

Yesterday I went to Venice for the day while Adam did his thang. Adams Mom was preparing for Thanksgiving, so I helped a little bit! Don't worry, I only sprinkled cheese and stirred the bread batter. I think if Adam knew I helped with the actual meal, he might not eat it, so his Mom did that part! It was fun! We stayed for dinner then headed back home!

Whelp, I hope everyone has a stupendous Thanksgiving!

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