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November 15, 2009

Beach Rules & Behavior

I have no words for some most of these pictures..which leads me to this..

Beach Rules & Behavior: Acceptable vs Unacceptable.

You're Welcome and enjoy.

Acceptable: Looking ridiculously attractive while scoping out where to set up shop on Lido Key.

Unacceptable: Setting up shop next to old man in the shiny gold Speedo. This picture is just wrong on so many levels. Thankfully, he put his clothes on and left.

Acceptable: Burying your child in the sand. Everyone does it, no big deal.

Unacceptable: Allowing said child to become un-buried (if that's even a word) and become the most insane ADHD human being I've ever been around. Seriously, he made his Mom play "catch" with an empty Powerade bottle for 30 minutes. The goal was for her to throw it so high in the air that he had to jump and dive to catch it which failed every time. That led to him kicking up sand all over Adam and I...oh-my-gosh..talk about annoying!

This picture is both acceptable & unacceptable.
Acceptable: Owning a friggin' sweet mansion on the bay
Unacceptable: Not inviting me over

Acceptable: Having the perfect little "get up" on Lido Key

Unacceptable: Taking a picture of your girlfriend stuffing her face with a sandwich

Acceptable: Wearing a John Deere hat that doesn't match anything you own but you pull it off anyway...

Unacceptable: Wearing cut off jeans..with no shirt on..and a potential mullet if you don't visit the barber shop soon..

This one takes the cake though...

TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE: Borrowing your 18 year old grand-daughters 2 piece bathing suit that clearly doesn't fit... matched with a backwards baseball cap. Seriously, no words for this picture..so wrong, so wrong.

Even this fella didn't want to look at that.

Lesson learned...maybe get a 2nd opinion on your beach attire before leaving the house..please..do us all a favor..

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