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June 26, 2010

Bad Blogger!

You know, once you go a long time without blogging, it is really hard to get back into the groove! Or at least, that's my excuse! I am happy to report, though, that things have been re-he he he-alllly (Ace Ventura, anyone? No? Mmkay.) busy in our neck of the woods! 

Adam has been accepted back into the University of Alabama and has been given the "Student Assistant Baseball Coaching" job for Bama! Or at least I think that's the correct title :) It's a great opportunity for Adam to be involved with the Alabama baseball team while he finishes his degree, and hopefully along the way keep moving up!  Adam spent all of this past week on campus talking to advisors/counselors and coaches so he can get his classes set up and get the minor details worked out. I'm about 76% sure that his official "major" is Accounting, with a concentration thingy in Finance, and then he is minoring in Economics.  But there is a 24% chance that that's totally wrong and I have no clue what I am talking about.  Make whatever you want of it but I do know that I am awesomely excited about going to Office Depot and picking out a few school supplies for him.  It's kind of sad how much I love picking out new pens and pencils...anyone else get excited about new school supplies? I swear, in high school, I would stay up really late the night before the first day of school and organize my different binders for each class like, a bagillion times. Now that I type all of this out, I am realizing how big of a weirdo I am.  I'm going to stop now. 

Also, we've been looking at places to live! Whoooo de whoooo! We had pretty much decided that we were definitely going to live on campus.  I ruled out living in Taylorville like, immediately.  Because you know what's more fun than sitting in 69 South traffic twice a day.  Oh umm, a lot of things, like for instance: Poking your eyeballs with a pin point needle then pouring salt water on them.  But that's just my opinion.  Traffic is the shizz there, so Taylorville was out. We drove around on campus, found a few places that we wanted to look at, and I called and made the appointments for the next day.  After discussing what we could afford, we finally decided on a super nice townhouse located near the football field and near a Publix.  We will hopefully move in next week!

This weekend we are in Montgomery for a friends wedding! It's a girl that I met through baseball and over the past few years we've become great friends, I can't wait to see how beautimous she looks tomorrow! We had a girls dinner tonight at a place called La Jolla...my inner Fatty McFatterson came out and took over the menu which is just spectacular.  I took a bunch of pictures but will have to post them later when I can find the little cord thingy-ma-jig. I am also (in a seperate post that will be up tomorrow) going to put up a picture of Hunter and Taelor.  We had their pictures made last week and they all turned out sooo good! Here's a little preview.

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