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June 17, 2010

pool time!

On Tuesday Adam left for Mississippi to go to a friends bachelor party.  I figured this would be a good time to spend some QT with my two favorite nuggets! Robby got off work early so we took the kiddos swimming! We had to run and get Taelor some "doggles" because Hunter needed his. Hunter has been taking swimming lessons so he showed off his new skills.  There was a storm coming, but luckily we had plenty of time to swim for a bit, and even go down the slide and off the diving board a few times.  Robby took Taelor down the slide..she loved it..we caught it on video but I will have to post it another day.I thought I'd be the super crazy aunt that went down the slide head first...and I may or may not have lost my bathing suit...but that's neither here nor there.  The point is..we swam, we slid, we ate, Taelor peed in the grass because she refused to go inside to the toilet, and we left..then the tsunami came.  

Tonight I am taking Hunter and Taelor to have professional pictures taken! One of Hunter's Mom's friends (got that?) is starting a photography business and wants to get in some practice. Taelor is wearing a dress that I wore when I was her age..it's a little watermelon dress and it's adorbs! We are supposed to be getting the pics on a CD so I will post some of them! HOLLER!

Adam is in Mississippi right now, coming home this afternoon though.  We have a wedding this weekend in Double Springs and we are staying at my Dad's house!  We are planning on staying there until Monday so we will be spending Father's Day with my Daddy-O! I'm excited! I see a lot of boat riding and shopping in my future!

Good news is that Adam has been approved to go back to the University of Alabama to finish his degree! Whooo de whooo! The baseball team doesn't have any openings for coaching right now, but maybe by the time he finished his degree something would come up. Adam still wants to send his resume out to a few other schools to see if a coaching jobs comes up, but staying here for school is a strong possibility.  We shall see!

isn't her bathing suit presh? It was mine when I was a wee little laddy!


  1. Your niece is too cute especially in that vintage suit;) OK maybe your not old enough for it to be vintage but good job keeping stuff for some cute hand me downs. I dont think I could even find my prom dress haha

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  2. I wondered if that was your dress.

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