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June 8, 2010

blogging to distract myself from eating a plethora of fudgesicles

This time next week Adam and I will be in T-town! I'm sure we will be headed straight to Dreamland Taco Casa, because that's all that I can think about at this moment. That, and Fudgesicles. For realz, you know how most people say they hope when they pass it's in their sleep? I'd rather go to Jesus while eating a Fudgesicle. That's how much I love them. Jesus & Fudgesicles, I'm golden.

The past few days have been pretty blah. Adam's parents went to Michigan for the week which means Adam and I are not getting a wonderful home cooked meal for dinner every night! His Mom is a great cook, so you can only imagine how ecstatic Adam was to have hot dogs & mac-n-cheese for dinner the other night.  I had Ramen.  Classic "newlywed" food. Weird thing is, I actually really love Ramen! I guess we better get used to that since Adam is going to be a college student soon and I will have to be the bread winner. Can't wait! **enter sarcasm here**

This past week I have been starting the process of getting my 48 hours of Continuing Education classes for my National Certification for Massage Therapy.  I have to get the 48 hours every four years so I have until next December to get them done.  I decided now is the best time to do it since we have nothing to do at the moment. I took a 6 hour course last week and have another one coming in the mail this week.  It keeps me busy and I will have gotten it out of the way sooner than I need to.

Adam has been in contact with some of the UA baseball coaches.  It's pretty hard to catch them at a decent time because the baseball team is playing in the regionals...or whatever.  All I know is Mitch Gaspard said he will be talking to him soon, so it's just another waiting game! Adam also has a friend who just took an assistant coaching job at UAH who is talking to the head coach about Adam.  We are definitely praying hard, crossing our fingers & toes! 

Alright well I had all of these great things to write about earlier..but suddenly can't remember any of them.  Must mean I need a Fudgesicle. I'll try again tomorrow.

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  1. ooo give me a fudgesicle! Dern Lindsay- now you got me HAVING to have one! HmmmmI wonder if Matt will run to the store for me?????

    Glad to hear all is well with yall. Boring or not, you're together. How is the wedding planning coming along?!!!

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