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June 4, 2010

Memorial Day..

Yes, I do realize that this is a little bit late, but I just now put the pictures on my computer and remembered that I never blogged about what we did on Memorial Day! We went to the early service at church then met up with friends & loaded up on a boat! I'm not exactly sure where went but we pulled up to a place where people parked their boats and partied on the beach! It was a lot of fun, definitely saw some interesting things.  Like, women who clearly don't know what size bikini they wear and what age is appropriate to stop wearing a bikini all together. Also saw a huge brawl break out on a big house boat, with police just watching the whole thing go down because they didn't want to have to walk through the knee deep water and get wet to break it up..but they did. Eventually.  They actually ended up tasing a guy.  Good times.  But the best part of the day was when an old drunk guy walked up to me, very slowly and creepily (if that's even a word), stared me down, then poked my belly button.  If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'.  He poked my belly button, then asked how I was doing.  Yeah, I have no other words.

It was a fun day, and it's a good thing Adam and I loaded up on the 50 SPF sunscreen because we were out there for 8 hours! Talk about salty skin and hair! I've never wanted to shower so badly in my life. I love the beach, but I hate the salt water! It was a great way to celebrate all of then men and women who serve or have previously served our country! Whooo deee whoooo!

Toasty and I escaping from all of the craziness on the beach!

Adam, Scott, Bruno, and Zack

Crazy Karl and his mask

On our way back to the house..think we need any more people on the boat?


  1. You are having way too much fun! Im extremely envious!!

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  2. Linds who are all these hotties.. I mean obvs you and Adam.. and wow tasing?!

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