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February 28, 2011

19 weeks

How far along? 19 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:
 I feel like I've come to a halt in gaining weight.  I feel like my stomach hasn't gotten bigger, just rounding out a little bit, ya know? Hence the collage.

Maternity clothes?   If I want to be comfortable then they are a must! I'm loving the maternity shirts because they're much longer than non-maternity! 

Stretch marks?   So far so good!

Sleep: Much better thanks to my our new feather-mattress-topper thingy my Dad bought me us! It's Heaven!

Best moment this week: Shopping for Baby P! My Mom got her two super cute outfits and then I went up to my Dads house in Huntsville where me, him, and his fiance Melissa went on a may-jah shopping spree! I'm talking, major.  Like, had to buy one of those big plastic bins to store everything in.  And and AND I went to Pottery Barn Kids in Birmingham on my way home and got her baby bedding! 

Movement: Baby Girl LOVES some music.  More specifically, T-Pain's "Buy U A Drank" and Lil' Mama's "Lip Gloss". She kicks up a storm when I'm jamming out!

Food cravings:  I'm on a cheeseburger kick.  It's the only kind of meat I really crave.  I haven't had a steak since being preggo which is really rare for me!

Gender: We have had another confirmation that it's a girl! 

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out? 
In..but getting shallow-er....more shallow? Whatever. It's weird and gross.

What I miss: Not having heartburn.     

What I am looking forward to: The Bachelor being over with so I don't have to listen to Brad announce every episode that he has an "intense connection with all the girls".  Oh, you mean "what am I looking forward to" in my pregnancy? Silly me...um....pool time! The weather has been so nice lately and I can't wait to float in some water all Shamu-like!

Weekly Wisdom:   If Tums is all you  have for dinner at night then so be it.  

Milestones: Well, is 19 weeks half way or is it 20 weeks? If it's 19 then hall-a-lu-yer I have survived half of a pregnancy!   

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  1. bahahaha love the Bachelor comment mid post... I can't wait it anymore... and apparently my 60 something year old dentist can't either as he explained to me yesterday...

    You look great! and crack me up as always

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