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September 12, 2011

I jinxed myself!

Leave it to me to be all,"wahhh my life is boring I have nothing to blog about blah blah blah" in my last post.  Because after that we had a pretty eventful next few days!

I mentioned that I was having surgery on Thursday to remove 3..YES THREE kidney stones.  Normal procedure, I even got to come home that same day! YIPEE! I took my medicine and went off to sleepytown for the rest of the day.  Friday morning I woke up and was in a crapload of pain, so I took some pain meds and waited on them to kick in.

and waited...

and waiting...

and waited longer...

then I took some more.  Well then I started throwing up which was just stupendous because who doesn't love throwing up??!! My Mom came over after work and we decided that I needed to go to the ER.  I think everyone and their mother had the same idea because it was SO crowded! Thankfully I'm kind of a big deal my Mom called my Urologist and they called the ER to tell them to take me straight back! I mean, don't get me wrong, we were still there forever!

They finally gave me some pain meds and did some tests.  They ended up admitting me for an overnight stay so I could get all of my medicine through IV.  My Mom stayed with me and Adam came home to take care of Little P! Saturday morning rolls around and my temp was 104.5...holy donkey butt...so much for going home! My doctor came in and said that we should put another stent in (I already have one on my right side..this was for my left side) so he did that and I felt so much better! They told me I could go home but I was still throwing up some and OF COURSE still running a fever.  Oh, and my blood pressure? 64/36! Umm hellur!? Definitely not normal!

Anywhoozle, so I stayed again Saturday night and FINALLY got to come home yesterday! I'm still in a lot of pain from the stents so I am pretty much useless.  I am sooooo incredibly thankful for Adam and my family for helping take great care of me and Presley.  

I go back in two weeks to have the stents removed...apparently they don't put you to sleep for that so I'm pretty much crapping my pants thinking about how bad it's going to hurt.  I mean, the stents go all the way up my ureter into my kidney...and they just pull them out.  Someone kill me now.

for your viewing pleasure, here is what it looks like..those two stringy things are the stents.

I have a few pictures of Presley that we had made but I am going to wait until Thursday to post them because, what was that? We have her 2 month check up that day?

Two months?!?! Wahhhhh! That makes me sad.  Actually that's a lie.  The older she gets the more likely it is that she will start sleeping through the night..so grow baby, grow!

Do you think she missed me? I think so!


  1. To me, having the stent was the most uncomfortable thing EVER so taking it out was a piece of cake. And I don't remember it hurting when they took it out either. Maybe it won't hurt you!

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