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September 20, 2011

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Todays post will probably be about a whole buncha nothin'.  We pretty much do the same thing everyday.  Wake up, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, wait on Adam to get home, eat again, shower (umm, sometimes), and go to bed.  I still dread night time with Presley.  You know how when you absolutely can't wait for something to happen it feels like it takes for-ev-errrr to get there? And then when you really dread something it's like at the blink of an eye it's already there? Yeah, that's how bedtime is for me.  I swear, I wake up in the morning then look at the clock and it's 7:30 at night. 

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Say it ain't so!

The other night she slept 7 hour straight, though. SEVEN HOURS PEOPLE!

Of course, I was up during those times wondering why she was still sleeping, and then just sitting there waiting on her to wake up.  But she never did! It was glorious and I high five'd her as soon as she did wake up!  I was hoping for a repeat of that last night, but she only went 5 hours.

Fortunately, Megan is hosting a giveaway for Moms On Call.  You can read all about them here, but basically they are baby whispering geniuses and I need them in my life.  Or Xanax, but that's neither here nor there.  If you want to enter the contest then just click this link:  http://www.inthiswonderfullife.com/2011/09/giveaway.html and enter to win! 

Oh well, we are making progress! I'm waiting to get the balls to actually let her sleep in her room by herself, I just can't bring myself to do it quite  yet!


The baseball team starts Fall practice this week which means Adam will be pretty busy with that every day.  He really enjoys working with the Bama baseball team so he doesn't mind it.  I, on the other hand, miss my Husband!  Another thing that sucks about baseball starting up is that we won't have time to do anything fun for our anniversary in October! Poo!  We have decided though that we are going to wait a month or so and then go on a little trip when they're done with practice.  I'm not sure where we will go but I'm not too picky.  Really just a weekend alone with Toasty anywhere will be fine with me!  He's never been to Gatlinburg and if we go when the leaves and junk are changing then that should be fun.  But then there's the warm sunny places too! 



In other unimportant news, this is a big week for me! Um, hellur? All of my shows come back on this week! Modern Family, Grey's, Private Practice, Housewives....Thank ya Jesus!  Presley is going to have to get her act together every night at 8:00 because this is no joke..these are my shows, and I will go postal on anyone and everyone who interrupts me while they're on.  Even if they are my own offspring.  We don't play around here.


Alright, well I will stop torturing you now. I'm going to go watch Teen Mom finish some laundry! 

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease, 


  1. LOVE the size of that white bow on your sweet girl! Where did you get it?

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  2. Thanks! Adam thinks they're absurd, but what does he know? I actually get all of her bows at a local store here..they're all $1.00 no matter the size!

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  3. She is such a cutie and hope she keeps up the long sleeping streak for you, I'm sure momma needs her rest :)

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