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September 14, 2011

welcome to the 'hood

motherhood that is!

Before Presley came I had all of these things that I was and wasn't going to do as a Mom.  For some weird reason I had (and still kind of have) this fear that I was going to become a Mom and become all frumpy and ugly and a total hermit.  I was all,"we aren't going to talk to Presley in baby talk...we are going to let her cry when she needs to cry...she's going to go around our daily schedule, not let us go by hers...no classical music because I like Pitbull and T-Swizzle..." Just stuff like that.  For the most part, I have stuck to some of my "rules." But then there's some that I look back at and think I am totally CRAY-ZAY!

Like, the "no baby talk"?! HA...if you could only hear me (and Adam!) talk to her! It's absurd and embarassing. Like, since when did I start talking all illiterate and add 's' to the end of everything.  Seriously, my sentences don't even make sense...

"Do hers wants a bottle?"- of course this is squealed at an octave about 56 times higher than normal.

"Look at Daddy! Hims is so crazies!"



Another thing I've noticed that we do...it's like we talk through the baby.  Like, instead of me asking Adam,"Hey babe, can you feed her while I eat?"  I get all mommy retarded and say (in my baby squeaky voice),"Presley, tell Daddy, say 'Mommy needs to eat! Can you feed me?'..." 

I kill myself.  

I even caught myself saying,"Presley, tell Daddy that if he leaves his dishes in the sink one more time I'm going to kill him..."

I just don't get it.  I probably never will.  


Then there's the whole music get-up.  When she was still in the ol' tum tum I never once listened to any sort of classical music.  The closest thing may have been my massage music when I was at work.  But outside of work I listened to Pink, Beyonce, Pitbull, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, T-Pain...you name it, I listened to it...loud.  I decided that instead of Presley learning to be intelligent and wise by listening to Bach or Mozart, I rather wanted her to know how to back in on up like a Tonka truck.  Have some rhythm and style.  

You know what's playing right now while she sleeps?

Telemann- Concerto In D For Three Horns Strings.

I have no words.

"Mama, I wanna be a thug, not no Johann Sebastian Bach!"

"Motha dear, I want to be a band contuct'a and a good citizen of the world. Cheeri-oh!"


  1. LOL...You kill me!
    Those last two pictures and commentary had me cracking up : )

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  2. hahahaha... i'm dying laughing... those pictures are hilarious. And we totally do the same thing w/ the baby talk, and yes, the crazy classical music and lullabies. Oyy vey

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  3. I could copy and paste this post for my own!! So true on everything. I always talk to Chris through Rilynn like...(Rilynn tell daddy you have a stinky diaper and you want to be changed!!)

    Love the last picture and caption above she is so cute and you are hilarious!!

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  4. Sounds like you stuck by the good ones! I tell that to my hubs too. When we have a baby we will not becomes salves to him/her...my parents sure as hell didn't and I turned out great! Love the pictures, HILARIOUS!

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