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October 10, 2011

in the funk

guess who sucks at blogging?


Yeah, about that.

Once you get into a blogging funk, it's a hard hole to climb out of! 

**SWEET NIBBLETS...let me go feed my little babytard..**

Ok...geeeeze, she's so needy sometimes :)

Last Tuesday I went back to work! Hence, the lack of bloggage.  I was super busy all week getting my massage on and can I just tell you how sore my hands, arms, and back were? I think we are in the middle of hiring another massage therapist, so that should help out a lot! 

While I was working my Mimi kept the bambino which helped out tremendously! Not that P is hard to take care of or anything.  I mean, she sleeps for the majority of the day and never cries.  But it was nice of her to watch her while I was gone!  Wednesday will be Presley's first day of pre-school! I have her bag packed, everything labeled, and I'm squeezing & kissing her as much as possible before she enters the germ infested world of pre school! It's bound to happen, she will be sick within a matter of days, I am already prepared! 

One person who I know is excited about P starting school is my Mom! She will be her "teacher" and gets to spend all day with her! You don't even know how thankful I am that P is in my Mom's class! I have no intentions of crying or being a complete wreck when I drop her off which is a big relief!

oh oh OHHHHHHH and guess who has been sleeping through the night?


Yes-sir-ee Bob! 

It's taken a combination of things that (I think) have done the trick! The main one being that we try to keep her awake more starting around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.  Now, don't let me fool you, she's a raging beast during these hours because she'd much rather be sleeping.  But, I would take a few fussy hours for a whole nights sleep! Our first step to our nightly routine is bath time.  Homefry loves the bath so we usually keep her in there for a while just to pass the time.  Then, she gets her jammies on and I feed her a 5 or 6 ounce bottle with rice cereal in it.  After that she burps and I let her food settle for a few more minutes...then it's swaddle time!!!

She hates the swaddling process.  Loves being swaddled though.

I'm officially the swaddling queen and I have created a concoction of ways to keep her from breaking out of said swaddle...the only thing lacking in this process is the duct tape.  We haven't had to go the route....yet.


Don't call the Mommy Police.

Or do.  I could use some company around here.

After I mummify the babe we then turn on the little box fan and her lullaby music, then I rock her to sleep.  I know I know I know, some people don't think you should rock the kid to sleep because once you start, you can't stop.  But, this is the only time P will let me really hold and cuddle her, so I don't care if I am rocking her until she is 43 years old! (Have I mentioned before that PDizz hates to be held? Well, she does.  I don't know how that happened but she would much rather be in her swing, bed, or bouncy seat than in someones arms).  

Then she sleeps! Depending on how early we put her to bed she usually gets anywhere between 7-9 straight hours. Boom shaka laka!

I am also hoping that once she starts day care she will be more tired at night and we can put her to bed earlier without the 2 hours of pure Hell fussiness.

In other news, Adam is still very busy with school and baseball.  I think Fall practice ends in a few weeks and I think that's when we will try to go somewhere for our anniversary.

OH YEAH...yesterday was our 1 year anny! We didn't really do anything major..just snuggled with our babe in the morning and then that night Adam and I went to a movie and dinner while my Mom kept Pres! I'm a pretty cheap date :)

Hmmmm what else?

Well, on Wednesday Presley has to get the rest of her 2 month old shots.  Since we are doing the delayed vaccines she will pretty much have a shot every month or so. Then this weekend we are getting her ears pierced..that should be a bitchin' time! But, I would rather do it now rather than when she's older.  Go ahead, judge away!

That's all for now! I've got Gumbo cookin' away on the stove and it's time to wake P up so she can have a scream fest! 


Here are a few pictures from our PhotoBooth session today...Presley was super excited as you can tell.  

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