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October 26, 2011

workin' woman!

Ok, so I promise I am done being a total lame-o and I will start posting more! I've been pretty busy at work so I am usually exhausted when I get home. I only work 9-3, but when you have a child you never stop working. I leave at 3 and go pick her up from daycare, come home and try to pick the house up before Adam gets home.  

Ok. That was a lie.

I come home, take my shoes off, put Presleytard in her swing and I plop down in the recliner.

What about dinner, you ask? 

Um, hello.  It's called Ramen and it only takes 3 minutes to cook.  

Cooking real food requires me to go to the grocery store.  Going to the grocery store requires me to remove my fat @$$ from the recliner.  Removing my fat @$$ from the recliner requires me to actually open my eyelids and move my limbs. 

All of which I am not a fan of.  So we eat poor people food.


Presley is still doing great at daycare.  I had to tell my Mom to not let her sleep so much because she wasn't sleeping all night.  Ever since I told them that though she's been sleeping all night! Last night was a milestone in the Pav house...PDizzle slept in her room all by herself! 

Yes sir-ee-bob Adam and I actually slept in the same bed together for the first time in for-ev-errr!

I figured that I would wake up every hour and get up to check on her, but when I fell asleep at 11:00 I never woke up until 6:00! Let's hope that she keeps sleeping all night so Mama can also get some good sleep!


This past Sunday Adam and I went to a new church and loved it! Well, I don't think the church itself is new, but it's the first time we visited.  We loved it and are already looking forward to next Sunday! (For you locals, it was Safe Haven Church located in the Cobb 16).  It seems kind of odd, but the church is held in the big movie theater here, but we love it because the seats are super comfy! Presley did great with the child care and it turns out that I know several people who also go there! We attended the couples small group last night and had a great time. We ate food, they had a baby sitter there, and we discussed Sundays sermon! If you live in T-Town and are looking for a fun church to attend you should really come! It's mainly younger couples who also have children, and the Pastor is also really great! He really just tells it like it is, preaches straight from the Bible, and that's what Adam and I have been looking for.

After small group last night, we I put Presley down for bed while Adam got a wild hair and went to Wal Mart to buy a new flat screen TV.  

He apparently needed a new tv to play his new xBox game on.  I don't really know.  

If you are the wife of a proclaimed Penny Pincher then know this: never ask questions of why your Penny Pinching husband is going to buy a nice, new, flat screen.  Just encourage and confirm that, indeed, the new Battlefield 3 will look much much better on that nice new TV.


You're welcome.

On top of the new TV we are also trying to spruce up the ol' apartment.  I just bought a new rug which I was extremely too excited about. Definitely made me realize just what my life has come to, but that's ok! And and AND I also found out today that we can paint our walls! Lowe's doesn't even KNOW what's about to hit them! 

I'm going through a turquoise phase, which is very unfortunate for Adam because I'm not sure how he actually feels about it.  On second thought, he's a man...will he actually even notice enough to care?

Probably not...so I'm going to go a little overboard I think.


Well, that's about it for now! I'm off to go feed that youngin' of mine!

I will leave you with some a crap ton pictures of the little lady in a few of her Halloween outfits! 

How fat does PDizz look in this picture? Hubba hubba! That's baby Turner and he only weighs 5 pounds! That's a preemie outfit he has on and it is almost too big! 


  1. Wow, lots of stuff going on
    Oh my goodness, she looks so cute in her outfits : )

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  2. You must share where you shop all of those outfits are adorable!!I love the little jean skirt and the black cat dress thing. She is so cute

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  3. Ramen? Your doing a ton better then me. I think Pizza Hut knows me by name now. Presley is adorable as always!

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