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October 16, 2011

three months

Yesterday our little Bunny turned 3 months old! People! I mean, 3 months is half way to 6 months...and 6 months is half way to ONE YEAR! 

I'm nothing if not dramatic.  Sometimes.

We did go to the doctor last week to get two other shots from her 2 month shots.  They've really made her grouchy and irritable because she has been sleeping through the night for about a week & a half.  Then she got those shots and has been waking up every night.  

Guess who was less than thrilled about that????


Today is the 4th day (they say the 3rd day after should be the worst, and yesterday was day 3) so hopefully tonight we will be back on track.  

**I know her onesie looks like a different color, but the picture on the right was taken with the flash on, and it changed the color...FAIL!**

They didn't weigh her at the doctor on Wednesday, but I can guarentee you that she's at least 14..maybe 15 pounds. Hubba Hubba!

Also, not sure about that one either.  I can tell she's gotten longer because her feet are getting squished in her sleepers! Let's all pause and say a prayer that she inherited Adams height and not mine. Not that I have any height or anything.  I'm pushing 5' 3"...on a good day.

Clothing Size:
Depending on the brand it varies.  For instance, whoever designed baby clothes for Target clearly had a morbidly obese baby because they run very big.  I think she can still fit into some newborn clothes from there.  But mainly 0-3 months from Target.  She can wear a few things that are 3-6 months too!

Still in size 1 diapers.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she could manage wearing a size 2 in Huggies but the size 1 in Pampers fit perfectly.  

Also, does anyone else's kid have super potent pee? Or maybe I just have a good sniffer.

She's still eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.  At night I give her a 5 ounce bottle and add two scoops of rice cereal in and that keeps her full a little longer than normal.  I started out using Gerber cereal but found that the grains were too big and thick.  Beechnut's cereal is more like a powder so it's easier on her tummy!  She is still a pretty slow eater though so she obviously takes after her Dad in that department because I eat soo ridiculously fast. It's absurd! 

Her hair has lightened up, and has also started falling out in the back.  I shed a tear (a very small one, mind you) the other day when I looked in her bed and saw her little hairs that have rubbed off. She still has a good bit left though so I'm not too concerned.  Her eyes are still blue, I think.  Honestly, I haven't even looked lately.

HA.  Well it was going fan-freakin-tastic.  Then she got shots & possibly hit a growth spurt and things have been downhill ever since! Or maybe she's teething? I'm not the best at diagnosing these things because I'm a wee bit of a hypochondriac.  But just a little.

Bath time is still a great way to calm her down! She also loves to go outside.  Sometimes when she's freaking the freak out I will just open up the door and walk her around outside. Maybe we should invest in some patio furniture.  

Or not.  

Because I married a tight wad.

Not really...but seriously. 

She loves her changing table and will smile and talk to you then entire time she's up there! She still hates to be held, but loves her Moby wrap.  She also told me that she loves to go to Tokyo.  She said that Adam needs to take us there for dinner one night soon.  

Hey, it was her idea, not mine!

Welp, that's all! 

She's a growing little butter bean who we love tremendously! I don't want to say that we "don't remember life without her" (why do people say that anyways? I vividly remember more sleep and less Fisher Price items taking over our house!) but she has definitely given Adam and I a new meaning of life and love and we would never want to go back to just being the two of us! She fills my heart with joy and there is for sure, no love like a Mother's love :)


  1. It is the pampers! When we brought him home, he wore pampers, and I could always tell when he was peeing. I just thought I was super tuned in with my child. Ha! Anywho, he used pampers again last month and it smelled again. It is not like that with Luvs or Huggies.

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  2. She is so stinking cute!! Love the pictures! And yep, I can always smell her pee diapers, so gross. I get the ones with the blue indicator stripe now, so I change it the second she pees a little bit, so it won't smell, ha.

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