July 4, 2012

outta the hood!

Sorry I've been absent! We finally moved out of our apartment and into the lake house we are staying at for a few weeks. The people we are house sitting for usually have Internet but they took the air card with them to Africa, so I'm blogging from my phone!

All of our stuff is in storage, so we basically just brought our clothes! They have a granddaughter so they have a bajillion toys, a baby bed, and a high chair so we didn't even have to worry about packing those! We will only be here for a few weeks, then we will go on vacation to Michigan for almost a week, then if Adam still doesn't have a job we will stay with my Mom and Step Dad for a few weeks until we figure something out!

We are definitely living it up since we are living on the lake! We've taken the boat out and had our friends come stay with us for a few days. Then today for the 4th we had my family over for a cookout!

The house is huge, but it makes me realize that I never want a 2 story house!

Anywho, lots of fun and exciting things coming up. Presley and Hunters birthday party is on the 14th! Michigan on the 25th! Yehaw!

Alrighty, I'll update soon!

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