July 17, 2012

she's one!

Whelp, y'all, I did it! I kept my child alive for 365 consecutive days!

We partied hard, got lots of gifts, ate lots of food, and then I cried. That's what you're supposed to do when your little babynuggetlove has a birthday, right? RIGHT?

We had a joint party for Presley and my nephew Hunter. Their birthdays are only a week apart so instead of having family come into town two weekends in a row we had the party together. And it was cheaper. Score!

Presley had Minnie Mouse decor (kill me now) and Hunter had The Avengers. Each had their own table, cakes, decorations, and all the other junk that goes along with a party.

But the main event was the 16 foot blow up water slide we rented! It was seriously SO much fun! And you can bet your little tail that Yours Truly spent all day on the slide!

Pictures to come later once I get Internet access! Then I will do her 12 month update if I can peel my sobbing self off the floor!

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