July 10, 2012

whiney ones

Whiney Ones
Y'all. My child. My sweet, chubby, lovable little meatball.

There's not a nice way to say this, so here I go.

P*Nasty is a little witch sometimes! I'm talkin' an attitude of a 13 year old. It's amazing, really!

My Mom says that she just knows what she wants which is basically the same thing as saying she's a little *YOU KNOW WHAT!*

**see, P knew I was talking about her, so she left me a nice little explosive poo diaper. Karma**

Ok, and we are back. That diaper was something I could've lived without. but you know how babies are. Rude.

So yes. My child is a diva and you can bet your sweet badonkadonk that we haven't made her that way! We never give in to her whining, we don't just hand her stuff to keep her quiet, and we sure as heck don't let her work us! And before someone goes all ape $#%* and calls the Mommy Police- we know the difference between her whining and when something really is wrong. We obviously don't ignore her if something is hurting her. But gah-lee, Homegirl can work it!

So this is basically what I need to know- when do we start to actually discipline her?

Also? She just drank half a bottle of shampoo.


I'm outta here.

But not before I show you a picture of PSwizzle lighting up a heater in the bath tub!

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