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October 8, 2012


So, one time back in the day--which was a Tuesday (I'm sorry I can't help myself, I have to quote my homedizzle Dane Cook every time)-- I flew from Salt Lake City to Tuscaloosa for a friends wedding.  I was flying 'Stand By' and had no problems on the way from SLC to AL, but once it was time to go home I had a much harder time.  I easily made it from Birmingham to Atlanta with no problems getting a seat.  Trouble struck when every single flight from ATL to SLC was booked, meaning nobody on the stand by list would get a seat.  Naturally, like the mature adult was, I lost my shizz and freaked the freak out.  I was stranded in Atlanta with no luggage and unsure of when I'd make it back home.  

And you know how kind an helpful the airport employees are when you're freaking your freak.

Or not.

After blood, sweat, and tears--mainly just tears because I don't like blood and I also start to die a little when I sweat--they told me I could fly to WASHINGTON DC and hopefully get on a flight from there.  Sounded good to me, and off I went.  

I crossed my fingers, crossed my toes, said my prayers just hoping there'd be a flight headed west.  We land, I get there and find out that there isn't a flight until the next morning from the other airport in DC.  That's when I call my Dad and obviously hope he can solve my problem.




I'm about to blow your mind...


I know.

He picked me up from the airport, and I stayed the night with them, and he sent me off to Dulles the next morning where I caught a plane and headed back to the Salty City.

"Now Lindsay, why in tarnation are you telling me this story?"

Because the other day, as I was on my way to pick Presley up from preschool I stopped at a super ghetto store in search of orange leggings (don't even get me started) and as I got back in my car to leave and get the Princess my car wouldn't start.

And Adam was out of town.

And I had 1 hour until Presley's school closed.

And AAA couldn't find my account because I didn't have my card, they misspelled our last name on the acct, AND had the wrong phone number so they couldn't even look it up.

I called my Mom crying because I felt helpless and thought I was going to have to take a cab or  hitch a ride in some dudes souped-up-caddy and pick my child up.

THEN...my Dad called.

And he just so happen to be 10 minutes down the road and was wanting to go grab a bite to eat!!

**sidenote- my Dad lives about 1.5 hours away, he had been in Montgomery visiting my Grandmother who was in the hospital**

He came to my rescue AGAIN like the guardian angel he is and we made it back home!

So, thank you Daddy-O for always rescuing me!

Seriously though, what are the odds?!

Also, we got a new battery thanks to AAA.  Then the next day my Mom and I went to Buy Buy Baby.  Got in the car to leave AND THE CAR DIDN'T CRANK!  Wires were loose.  I about lost my marbles.

The End.

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