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October 4, 2012

then and now

Whenever I'm shopping for Presley, I get really excited when I find the same (but bigger) outfits that she wore when she was younger.  She's growing so fast that it just takes me back to the days where she was a fat, bald, snuggly little butterball.  When I was at the consignment sale in Montgomery I found a halloween shirt that was the same as a onesie we had last October.  It's crazy to me how much she has grown in just a year!

See! Have mercy, I can't even take it. 

How about that bow? Yeesh.


  1. Love it! I'm the opposite, my peanut can still fit in a few Halloween things from last year! One outfit I cut out the snaps and its a cute shirt w/ a tutu, but yeah, still can wear all of the tops. crazzzzzy. I feel like a bad mom, like I never feed her...

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    1. That is crazy! But also a really good idea if it still fits! Presley has a few pounds she could spare for Guinevere :)