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October 11, 2012

two years

                               Tuesday was mine and Adam's 2 year wedding anniversary.  

We celebrated like any old married couple with a 15 month old would. 
Ya know, the ol' Hey babe, Happy Anniversary! Didn't get you a card but here's a hug and maybe you can just scratch my back later!

We aren't big on going out and spending tons of money on gifts for each other.  Usually, I just go get a massage or something and the gift in that is that Adam isn't allowed to complain about me spending money.  See how low maintenance I am? He doesn't even have to leave the house in order to give me a present! For reals though, we are planning on going out to dinner soon.  I've been craving PF Changs so that's most likely where we will go. Kid in tow, I'm sure :)

But seriously, has it really only been two years? Feels like more to me, and I don't mean that in a mean way.  Maybe it seems like it should be longer because this December will mark 7 years together.  

These last two years as a married couple have been so much fun! We've achieved so much, made lots of memories, and still love each other like we just met. I still get butterflies when Adam texts me that he's on his way home and when he's gone I sometimes wear his deodorant  spray his cologne in the air so it at least smells like him in the house.

I know. I'M WEIRD!

Love will make ya do some crazy things like that though :)

Anywhoozle, I'll spare you a novel of mushy feelings and stuff like that!

So here's to many more happy years together, babe! I love you the most!

Remember that time my husband snuck outside in the snow with a stick to surprise me with something? Yeah, who's Linday?
Holy blondie! Vegas a few years ago!
Park City, UT 2007

Spring Training 2008
Halloween 2010, we like to keep it classy. 

October 9th, 2010


  1. sure do miss my husband when I see posts like this & the comfort we have for 4 years - now to start all over again. envious :)

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    1. Oh Amber, I am so sorry about your husband. After catching up on your blog I can honestly say you have the most positive attitude and outlook on life than anyone I've met in a long time. Just cherish those memories you had! BTW, your boys are SO HANDSOME!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love all the pictures :)

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  3. Happy Anniversary love!

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  4. Happy anniversary! I rarely laugh out loud, but "Linday" got a good snort from me ;-)

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    1. If only I had video taped his reaction when he realized he left out the "s"! I really thought he was going to cry, he was so embarrassed!

  5. Happy belated anniversary! We were married on the same day! Beautiful couple!

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    1. Thank you! Funny that we share the same wedding date! Hope it wasn't scorching hot at your wedding like it was at ours!