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June 26, 2009

blackberry blogging

First off, you should feel loved. Because I am on vacation, blogging from my Crackberry Blackberry. I got to DC on Wednesday and just let me tell you how happy I was to see the fam....VERY happy! Yesterday was a full day of site seeing. We started off with a tour of the capital. Our tour guide was a short little Asian woman..with a lisp. Very hard to understand her. Then we went to a few museums (is that spelled right??) But I can't remember the names of them. All I know is they weren't very stroller friendly. Speaking of stollers, have you ever tried pushing a 55 pound 5 year old in a stroller made for a toddler?? it was difficult, but it saved our lives...or at least Hunters feet! He actually took about a two hour nap in it which helped big time because he was turning into a monster! Every bus that passed us had "Rock Obama" in it too, according to Hunter. We finished the day off at the Arlington Cemetery where we watched the changing of the guards at the unknown soldier thingy-ma-jig. Try explaining that to a 5 year old. He didn't get it at all.once we got back to the hotel we went to Chilis and then headed to the pool so Hunter could burn off all the energy he had from the TWO Mountain Dews he had at dinner. Maniac isn't even the word Right now we are on our way to Kings Dominion, an amusement and water park. We are excited! Oh, did I happen to mention that we ae driving a ginormous van?? Like, a church van? Yes, its true. Its the only thing that all 8 of us would fit in. It actually works out nicely because we have plenty of room! I took lots of pictures so I will try to post them later on today!! Bye!!

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