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June 13, 2009

Work, Work, & More Work...

I have been a working maniac! It has been nice because it has made the road trip go by super fast, the guys get home tomorrow night! Yahooo! They will only be here for 3 days, and then they leave again after that for a 4 day road trip. Boo.

I'm pretty sure that Adam is still in a slump, so far he is 4 for 21..yeah, not so hot. The Angels have been making a lot of roster moves lately sending the big league guys down here to SLC and moving up a lot of our guys here. That has nothing to do with anything I am talking about though..just thought I would throw that out there. You're going to have to excise me tonight, I am a bit scatterbrained due to the massive amount of Mexican food I just ate. That burrito might be taking over my brain...moving on.

The girls and I decided to postpone out trip to Lagoon, I think we are going to try to go next weekend. With most of the girls out of town for now, we figured we would wait until everyone is back.

Work has been going great, I have given a lot of massages in the past few days..cha ching!! I even had a client tell me that I had the most perfect nose they have ever seen. HA. Man, gotta love these weirdos in Utah.

Can I just tell you how excited I am about seeing my family soon??? Um. Yes. Very excited! Almost as excited as I am about seeing Toasty tomorrow!

The weather has been so crappy for the past week. Like, raining every single stinkin' day! So much for laying out while the guys are gone. That's why I haven't blogged lately, because if I haven't been at work, I have just been on the couch!

Ok, I am over writing now. Going to watch Mean Girls. Ta Ta!!

Welcome to Salt Lake City....

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